CEMACAM Centre, Sangonera la Verde , Murcia

Cemacam is a bioclimatic educational centre

CEMACAM Centre, Sangonera la Verde , MurciaThe CEMACAM Environmental Education Centre in Torre Guil is one of three environmental and educational centres in the region.  The other two are the Centres in Los Molinos (Crevillent) and Venta Mina (Buñol). The building, which is an outstanding example of bioclimatic architecture, is designed to blend in with the natural landscape of the area and allows for the best use of the natural resources from the surroundings.  It is equipped with thermal insulation throughout the foundations as well as passive air capture, cooling and penetration systems to minimize the consumption of energy used for climatic control. The earth, sun, wind and water are all used to maximum benefit in the design and function of the centre.


CEMACAM Centre, Sangonera la Verde , MurciaWind:  In the central courtyard of the building is a semicircular tower-like structure known as the Wind Rose which faces east and is designed with special vaults and angles to encourage wind to flow into the building.  The collected air is then fed through underground pipes to be filtered, cooled and distributed throughout the complex.  The arch structures and roof top air shafts enable the hot air to escape, allowing continual circulation of renewed fresh air.

Sun:  The main building, including the Information Centre and offices, Dining Room, Hall, Classrooms and Bedroom blocks are all fitted with heating systems which make use of specially designed chimneys and pipes to absorb and refresh the air naturally.  Solar panels and photovoltaic cell panels are used to produce all the electricity used in the centre.  In addition, the main lighting used comes from natural light with adjustable skylights allowing the maximum natural light to enter.  This is reflected off the white walls. As the natural light dies down, it is progressively compensated with low artificial lighting, maintaining equal levels of light both day and night.


CEMACAM Centre, Sangonera la Verde , MurciaEarth: Each of the sections of the building has the roof covered with a thick layer of earth and this is planted with plant species from the natural surroundings.  This has the effect of creating a unique thermal and bioclimatic balance, keeping the temperature of the buildings at the most comfortable level throughout the year.

Water:  Natural rainwater is collected in various indoor and outdoor reservoirs and this is used and recycled throughout the building. The open reservoirs also allow for natural precipitation, maintaining comfortable levels of natural humidity in the air. This natural water is also used in the wind tunnel to filter pollen and dust from the air before it is circulated into the building.


CEMACAM Centre, Sangonera la Verde , MurciaThe primary objective of the centre is to provide an education centre which favours environmentally sustainable development.  The Centre offers activities to all interested groups, be they executives, teachers, young people, senior citizens, scientists or environmentalists. The centre is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for organizing all kinds of workshops, seminars or congresses and conventions.  The conference room is of a unique design that enables it to be opened up on two sides, allowing room for up to 500 people. In spite of its size, the acoustics in the room are such that no amplifiers are needed for a speaker to be easily heard throughout the room.

Cemacam Centre,  Torre Guil was presented with the Environmental Quality Award in Ecodesign, granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment of the Region of Murcia last June.

Cemacam Torre Guil

Urbanisation Torre Guil

Sangonera la Verde

30833 Murcia

Tel: 968869950

Fax: 968869951

Email: torreguil@obs.cam.es

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