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Corvera airport scheduled to open in April 2013 according to concessionary.

The airport concessionary has tonight confirmed that information reported in the regional press is correct.

Corvera airport scheduled to open in April 2013 according to concessionary.An article in the regional press today says that some of the obstacles facing the airport concessionary at the new International airport at Corvera in Murcia have been overcome and that the airport is now scheduled to begin commercial flights in April 2013.

La Verdad today printed an article which was entitled, "Defence clears up the obstacles relating to the air space approaches for Corvera airport."
The article indicated that several sources had yesterday confirmed to the paper that a solution had been found regarding the use of shared airspace with the nearby military training school at San Javier airport, "a technical solution exists to which we are all in agreement" and that the new option offered by the Ministry of Defence would now be subjected to test flights to "fly the solution."

The Military flight school at San Javier, which will resume total control of San Javier airport once the civilian element has been relocated to Corvera, will retain the use of the upper and lower" strips" of airspace for the use of its training planes and C101's, whilst the middle "strip" will be allocated to Corvera for civilian flights.

Corvera airport scheduled to open in April 2013 according to concessionary.Should this new flight path offered be acceptable to the airport concessionary, then the new route will have to be approved administratively by the Ministries of Development and Defence.
The situation has also been resolved relating to the issue with the proximity of the Alcantarilla military parachute school, with "drop cylinders" of air space agreed for the school to continue its military training activities without clashing with the activities of the nearby airport.

With these two issues hopefully resolved, there remains the complicated issue of the transfer of full airport operations from San Javier to Corvera.
Again, the paper says that solutions are being reached and that although no firm agreements have yet been reached for how long the transfer will take and how it will be undertaken, there is the strong possibility that Aena will be compensated for its investment into San Javier by the property transfer of a finca currently the property of the Ministry of Defence.

This then gives Aena an asset which can be sold, in lieu of a cash payment, ready cash being something in fairly short supply at the moment.
Negotiations, however, have still not been finally concluded, so it is still too early to speculate about the details of the transfer, a massive Corvera airport scheduled to open in April 2013 according to concessionary.undertaking which will be organised by Aena and the Ministry for Development, (Fomento), although the airport concessionary is keen to get details confirmed so that it can begin marketing the airport and attract airlines to offer flights to and from Murcia.

The concessionary has inserted the briefest of notes into its website which says the following:
" 2013 opening year "
The new airport is expected to enter into service during April of 2013 offering direct flights to the major European and Spanish Cities  via a diverse offering of airlines."

The airport concessionary has confirmed to Murcia Today directly that all of the details reported by La Verdad are indeed, correct, and supplied the latest photographs of the new International Airport of the Region of Murcia.

Quotes: La Verdad.

For full historical background information relating to the Region of Murcia International airport, Click Corvera Airport

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