Mazarrón Town Hall

Mazarrón Ayuntamiento

Mazarrón Town HallThe Town Hall for the whole of the municipality of Mazarrón is located in Mazarrón town itself, so anyone within the whole municipality needing to deal with paperwork should go to this central location.

Residents on the Camposol Urbanisation have a dedicated office which assists with paperwork issues ( Click Camposol Administrative office)  and is able to carry out a limited number of paperwork processes, including signing onto the Padrón, ( Click joining the Padrón) which is an essential process in being a resident of the municipality.


Residents on Camposol should always use their own office as a first `port of call for enquiries as the office staff speak English, Spanish and German, whereas very few of the Town hall staff speak any English at all.

The Town hall is located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Mazarrón

There is parking in the streets around the outside of the Plaza , and up the road at the foot of the Castillo de los Vélez, but it is limited, so a sensible option would be to park in the Plaza del Convento which is in front of the Iglesia de la Purísima and where the Saturday market is held and walk to the Plaza which is a 2 minute walk.

Town hall phone number : 968 590 012


The Town hall is only open for paperwork processing in the mornings and it is necessary to take a numbered ticket to join the queue.

Take a book and a bottle of water, if there are a lot of people waiting it can be a long morning.

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