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Premier Hearing Services has been helping expat residents and Spanish citizens with their hearing solutions since 2002. Director Richard Sykes is a qualified Hearing Aid Dispenser from the UK with over 20 years’ experience in the field of hearing loss and hearing aid technology and other solutions. 
Richard worked as a dispenser before moving on to train others in his expertise. Over a period of eight years, he worked for two national UK training companies, helping students achieve qualifications as Hearing Aid Audiologists. Richard has also lectured at De Montfort University Leicester, where he studied for a master’s degree in auditory science and is now employed as an External Examiner.
Before moving to Spain, Richard’s final years in the UK were spent as Head of Professional Compliance responsible for maintaining professional  standards within the industry.
Richard is registered as a Hearing Aid Dispenser with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) (the government regulator for health professionals)(he is employed by the Council as a Partner involved in the education of students and as a CPD assessor) and is a Fellow of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and in addition a Technical adviser with UKAS.
Regular clinics in Murcia and Alicante

Premier Hearing Services hold regular clinics for appointments throughout the Murcia and Alicante provinces at the following locations: Denia, Javea, Alfaz del Pi, El Albir, Benijofar, and Bolnuevo ( Mazarrón, near to the Camposol Urbanisation).

A full consultation normally takes between an hour and an hour and half during which the client’s hearing will be fully and accurately assessed and a personal prescription established. It is always helpful to have a friend or partner along to establish the lifestyle/social effects of any hearing impairment.

During the appointment, medical history will be discussed so as to check on any factors that may contribute to hearing loss, and there questions about lifestyle so that the hearing aid will be suitable for the types of sound environment the client frequents. There is also an otoscope examination (which is entirely harmless and free from discomfort) to check the general health of the ear, ear canal and eardrum.

Finally, if the results of the consultation show that a hearing can help, there is a discussion of the different options and their pros and cons.

Home Visits are also available for full details see our  Home Visits page.


Home Visits

Some clients feel much more comfortable having a hearing consultation in their own home and Premier Hearing Services are happy to offer home visits at a time to suit. The whole hearing assessment and discussion can be completed in comfort and without the stress of travel – from examination right through to choosing the best model of hearing aid.

The products and services offered

Premier Hearing offers a full range of services and accessories to help clients suffering from hearing loss:
•    Hearing evaluations using the latest diagnostic technology
•    A full range of hearing solutios available
•    Programming, fine-tuning and repairs to hearing aids
•    A variety of hearing aid accessories, including batteries, BTE tubing, RIC domes, wax guards, wax removal spray, microphone covers, electronic dehumidifiers.

Hearing aids today are a far cry from the antique ear trumpets seen in old films. The modern hearing aid is a digital microcomputer that automatically adjusts  levels of amplification to ensure that what you hear is both audible and comfortable. Even the basic models today are light years ahead of the most advanced instruments of just a few years ago. Like spectacles, modern hearing aids are tailored to the personal prescription of the user, to match exactly their specific needs; they come in three main varieties:

Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids
 These are fitted to custom-made ear moulds which keep the hearing aid in place so that it can direct the sound towards the eardrum. With a variety of power options and colours, BTE hearing aids are suited for clients with moderate to severe hearing loss, or in cases where an ‘in the ear’ aid is not appropriate.

Receiver in the Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids       
 These have a similar appearance to the ‘behind the ear’ models but with an open fitting ear piece that places the speaker directly in the ear canal and can be used for the full range of hearing difficulties from mild to severe.

In the Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids
With this type of hearing aid, all components are contained neatly with a single custom-moulded unit that sits inside the ear canal, with nothing behind the ear at a
ll. Discrete and comfortable, they can be suitable for any level of hearing loss.

Wireless Solutions and Accessories
Allows wirless streaming between suitable aids and other devices such as Televisions, MP3 players, Telephones and remote microphones.

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For an appointment at a clinic near you or for a home consultation, call Richard G. Sykes HAD FSHAA on 659 644 106.

Customer Comments

A study of seven countries (mostly European) looked at how people felt about their hearing aids. It showed that although satisfaction rates varied from country to country -  the highest being 84% in Switzerland and the lowest being 70% in Italy – in general, eight out of ten clients are satisfied with their hearing aids solution.

Premier Hearing Services are happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee on its products, so confident are they in what they prescribe.

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