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01. Cead27th October 2012

Bad news,according to the article in issue of 22nd October.
As usual, in Spain people put the cart before the horse.
If a theme park had been proposed five or ten years ago it might have had a reasonable chance of success. The Banks are in meltdown caused by the property bubble bursting and until they dispose of their property portfolios (at knock down prices-60% t0 75% reductions on one golf complex for example) the Banks are unable to finance another white elephant.
In excess of 25$ unemployment amongst the young,people losing their houses,soup kitchens and some get rich quick merchants want to build a playground for tourists.
Get real , how about building some factories and manufacturing plants to help the Spanish people.
A tip !...get the finance in order, then planning permission speeds up and your idea is realisied in half the time.

02. JazzII21st October 2012

Has there been any more news, is the building work still going ahead?

03. Cead11th October 2012

With Spain suffering a further downgrade to BBB- (a notch above junk !) it is most unlikely that economic recovery will occur this decade.
The Spanish people are really suffering even the Red Cross have launced an appeal to help feed people who
are unemployed and in some cases homeless.
The Murcian theme park has been talked about for years but until Corvera is in receipt of air traffic little progress on the theme park front can be hoped for,as for Kent,out of the blue we have an announcement that a £2 billion theme park will be built in less time than it took to build the Olympic village, if this occurs Paramount in Kent will be operating long before any park in for the weather....nobody seems to mind rain in Disneyland Paris.

04. Keith Buttery10th October 2012

I can see the Spain Paramount being built but actually getting it open is another thing, will the airport ever open? I can't see the point of a UK Paramount, while it may compete well with other smaller theme parks around the UK surely the weather will prevent it competing with Spain or Disney.
I would have thought that here in south east Spain it is an excellent location for Paramount and I would have thought it to be an all year round resort bringing in millions of tourists. However in today's economic climate will it ever happen?

05. JazzII9th October 2012

Could it be Disneyland again........originally meant to be in Mazarrón but ending up in Paris after a "financial" arrangement was agreed. Look how that turned out, great park but wrong climate so not the success they hoped for. Let's hope sense prevails.

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