New water pipes in San Javier to ease flooding
The 4-million-euro project to collect rain water is due to be completed in 2022 Construction work has started on the drainage system in San Javier in an attempt to reduce flooding. The Regional..

Water supply will be cut off to farmers illegally irrigating crops
New powers to enforce the farm watering ban aim to ease pollution in the Mar Menor The Hydrographic Confederation of Segura (CHS) will send out agents this week to make sure that irrigation is..

Major row erupts as 641 kilos of harmful nitrates flow into Mar Menor in one day
The regional PP and PSOE have been engaged in a bitter exchange of insults as nitrate-laden water continues to discharge into the lagoon The public war of words between the regional PP and the national..

Ecologists propose creating a renaturalized strip around the Mar Menor of 15,000 hectares
Ecologists in Action believe that the solution lies in creating wetlands and areas of natural vegetation Environmental group Ecologists in Action has presented a proposal to the Ministry for Ecological..

Latest data reflect deterioration of Mar Menor
Visibility and turbidity of the water are the parameters worst affected compared to the situation a year ago The latest data published by the regional government of Murcia relating to the condition..

Murcian government presents paperwork to undertake Mar Menor recovery projects
The regional government says that if the national government “does not want to contribute to the recovery of the Mar Menor” then it wants permission to do the job itself without the impediment of..

Major demonstration supporting Mar Menor in Murcia on October 7
The protest is being co-ordinated by the environmental groups calling for more action to protect the Mar Menor Murcia: Manifestación por el Mar Menor 7 October/20:00 - 21:00 The march will..

ANSE and WWF petition calling for preventative measures in the Mar Menor
Add your voice to all those calling for practical actions and not political smokescreens CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION if you are amongst those horrified by the recent developments in the Mar..

Plan para la protección del borde litoral del Mar Menor
Click here to see the full document in Spanish:Plan para la protección del borde litoral del Mar Menor Published on 25/06/2020. Join the Mar Menor group on Facebook for info about Los Alcá..

Why it is so difficult to solve the current problems in the Mar Menor
The problems faced by the Mar Menor are caused by a complex combination of factors, making easy solutions equally difficult to find Anyone with even a passing interest in current affairs in the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Agricultural sector fears vilification of Murcian products following worldwide coverage of Mar Menor crisis
The Minister of Agriculture has defended the actions of the sector but the regional media is reporting adverse reactions from major purchasers concerned by the international coverage Since the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Mar Menor hotel revenue drops as booking interest plummets
The current issues affecting the lagoon has impacted on the tourism sector, with September bookings grinding to a halt The deterioration of the saltwater lagoon of the Mar Menor not only has detrimental..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia government submits formal request for control of water bodies in the region
The Murcia government has opted for a lengthy process to gain control of all water sources in the region, which is likely to be denied by the national government At the first government council..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Human chain protest planned for Mar Menor on Saturday, August 28
The ILP Mar Menor is organisating the demonstration against the deplorable state of the lagoon The ILP Mar Menor is planning to stage a demonstration at 1pm on Saturday during which protestors..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Minister open to purchase of land to create enforced green strip around the Mar Menor
She believes that short-term solutions are not the answer and says her priority is to act at the origin of the problem For the last week and a half the Mar Menor has been a focal point of attention..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - SOS Mar Menor platform calls for participation of protest groups in Mar Menor committee
The group also called for the implementation of a "green ring " of protection around the Mar Menor   The SOS Mar Menor platform transmits their proposals to the Minister of Ecological..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Regional Murcia government bans nitrate fertilizers immediately around the Mar Menor
The government in Murcia has taken steps towards saving the Mar Menor, but the problem has now reached crisis point Prompted by the critical state of the Mar Menor, where thousands of fish have..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spanish government refuses to declare the Mar Menor a catastrophe zone
The deterioration of the Mar Menor is the result of years of inaction on the part of the Murcia government, says the Minister in Madrid The Spanish government announced on Tuesday August 24 that..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcian regional president calls for Cartagena aquifer to be emptied out
He claims that the nitrate-laden waters “do not come from agricultural activity” but “come from the aquifer” The Murcian regional government continues to deny that it is in any way responsible..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - University pilot project removes 75 per cent of nitrates from water samples
Running until 2023, researchers hope to eventually recover 90 per cent desalinated water from nitrate contamined water Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) have managed..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Dying fish start to appear on the northern shores of the Mar Menor
The wind is changing to a northerly and pockets of gases created by the decomposing vegetal material are being blown northwards The Murcia regional government cites the volume of dead fish..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Regional government wants to dredge water channel between Mar Menor and the Mediterranean
The regional government has put out a video showing the “pocket of anoxia” which it says has caused the death of five tons of fishes in the last week On Friday evening the regional government..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcian president says 30 million litres of water a day continues to flow into the Mar Menor
Murcia regional government prohibits the water discharges but it is difficult to see how this can be enforced when so much water continues to exacerbate the problem On Monday the head of the PP national..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - ANSE explains; fish are dying through lack of oxygen but political inaction is killing the Mar Menor
The regional authorities, national government and local authorities are involved in a constant fight to elude responsibility and deal with the root causes of what has now become a national ecological..