Why are the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor changing colour?
Scientists point to increasing temperatures as the culprit for dramatic water changes in Spain The very slightest variations in Spanish waters can produce a knock-on effect for countless species..

The effects of macro-farms on the Mar Menor
Officials in the Region have been asked for information on the environmental impact of these large pig farms A request has been made to authorities in the Region of Murcia to present information..

Plan para la protección del borde litoral del Mar Menor
Click here to see the full document in Spanish:Plan para la protección del borde litoral del Mar Menor Published on 25/06/2020. Join the Mar Menor group on Facebook for info about Los Alcá..

Why it is so difficult to solve the current problems in the Mar Menor
The problems faced by the Mar Menor are caused by a complex combination of factors, making easy solutions equally difficult to find Anyone with even a passing interest in current affairs in the..

Torrential rain dumps litres of harmful sediment into the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Severe flooding throughout Murcia has further damaged the delicate ecosystem of the lagoon The end of the week has brought a dramatic change to the weather, and with the arrival..

Mar Menor fishermen reeling over damaged nets caused during government inspections
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Members of the Fishermen's Guild of San Pedro del Pinatar in the Murcia Region feel they are being unfairly punished Fishermen in the Mar Menor are once again at loggerheads with..

70 people investigated for damaging the Mar Menor this year
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Murcia Region has increased its Guardia Civil force by 6.4%, allowing greater protection for the Mar Menor Hundreds of people flocked to Belluga on Tuesday to celebrate the..

Green light for more than a dozen solar parks in Mar Menor and Cartagena sparks backlash
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Accoif action group is up in arms over the granting of licenses for 14 plants in the Region of Murcia municipality Outraged residents and the Alliance of Campo de Cartagena for..

Mar Menor flooded with harmful fresh water following weekend storms
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Three times more potentially contaminated flood water has drained into the Mar Menor The torrential storms which battered the Region of Murcia this weekend, flooding entire municipalities..

Final victory in Mar Menor battle for personhood with ILP vote
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The Mar Menor is now considered a legal person with its own rights The Mar Menor was the scene of much celebration on Wednesday September 21 as the Congress of Deputies voted..

Cartagena hosts conference on Mar Menor recovery through oyster filtering
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The Oyster Initiative in Murcia's Mar Menor is promoted by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO-CSIC) Cartagena this week hosted a meeting focused on the recovery of the..

Murcia government will not fine anyone for illegal boat party in Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Murcia regional authorities have said that the surroundings of the Isla del Ciervo are not in their jurisdiction because they are on water and not land The regional government..

Three years and 20 million euros to save the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Towns around the Mar Menor are being given massive grants and a 3-year deadline to reduce sewage runoff into the protected lagoon. This Tuesday, September 6, the Spanish Government..

Murcia police manage to prevent new mass boat party in the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The Guardia Civil managed to break up another illegal party involving 8 boats and 7 jet skis The Guardia Civil has prevented a new mass concentration of boats in the waters of..

La Union politician took part in the illegal and polluting concert in the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The PP councillor was the drummer in the band that played at the illegal gig A councillor for the Ayuntamiento in La Unión, Ginés Guzmán, was one of the participants at the illegal..

Huge improvement in Mar Menor water quality, according to official sources
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The appearance of large numbers of the Australian spotted jellyfish in the Mar Menor shouldn’t be cause for concern As the summer comes to an end meteorologists are warning..

Illegal music festival with boats held on Isla del Ciervo, Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The island is a protected natural area, but nearly 100 boats moored there this weekend for a concert Dozens of boats have gathered by the Isla del Ciervo in the Mar Menor for..

Mar Menor temperature drops 2 degrees
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The Mar Menor lagoon has dipped to 29.14ºC after reaching the highest temperature ever recorded in July   The water temperature of the Mar Menor has finally begun to drop..

Fears that discharge in La Manga could be wastewater leak
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Technicians are sampling the spillage at Galúa beach in La Manga to determine if it is harmful The General Directorate of the Environment opened an investigation on Wednesday..

Human chain protest in the Mar Menor: Saturday August 13
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Groups from all over Spain and Europe are expected to take part in the demonstration The movement of the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) for the rights of the Mar Menor will..

Cartagena earmarks 2.4 million euros for the maintenance and cleaning of the coastline
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Some 525 tonnes of biomass has already been removed from Cartagena beaches but the threat needs “constant review” The Cartagena City Council has announced an investment of..

Are house prices really falling around the Mar Menor because of pollution?
ARCHIVED ARTICLE A new report has found that the poor state of the Mar Menor has not affected property prices in the area, but they are still below pre-pandemic levels Contrary to the rumour mill..

The Mar Menor is hotter than it has ever been before
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The temperature of the lagoon has reached 31.25ºC – the highest since 2016 The temperature of the water in the Mar Menor is already well above the maximum values recorded..

Work begins on ramblas to stop sterile waste washing into the Mar Menor every time it rains
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Dykes will be built in the riverbeds and native plant species will be introduced to reduce pollution in the Mar Menor The Minister for Ecological Transition in Spain, Teresa Ribera..