SmartLagoon system installed to monitor Mar Menor water quality
The device checks the water that flows between the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor Researchers from the UCAM University in Murcia and Swiss company Photrack have installed two new cameras under..

Moving extra sand onto Mar Menor beaches to make them tourist-ready harms the lagoon, say eco warriors
Environmentalists have charged against councils of towns around the Mar Menor for their “insensitivity” Easter is approaching and the four municipalities with a coastline along the Mar Menor..

Hippocampus Association gets greenlight to study seahorse populations in Mar Menor
The non-profit organisation has been given official leave to study the ecosystem over the next four years at least At the proposal of the Regional Ministry of the Environment, Mar Menor, Universities..

100 people will work 7 days a week this summer to keep the Mar Menor clean
An initial budget of 8.4 million euros is being earmarked just for the removal of organic material and sludge Murcia’s regional government has promised to invest nearly 8.5 million euros to keep..

Scientists unveil small-scale Mar Menor replica that will support the recovery of the lagoon
The San Pedro del Pinatar marine aquaculture plant is being renovated to mirror the conditions of the Mar Menor Spanning an area of 170 square kilometres, the vastness of the Mar Menor means that..

The effects of macro-farms on the Mar Menor
Officials in the Region have been asked for information on the environmental impact of these large pig farms A request has been made to authorities in the Region of Murcia to present information..

Plan para la protección del borde litoral del Mar Menor
Click here to see the full document in Spanish:Plan para la protección del borde litoral del Mar Menor Published on 25/06/2020. Join the Mar Menor group on Facebook for info about Los Alcá..

Why it is so difficult to solve the current problems in the Mar Menor
The problems faced by the Mar Menor are caused by a complex combination of factors, making easy solutions equally difficult to find Anyone with even a passing interest in current affairs in the..

Work to begin on new wetlands for the Mar Menor basin this summer
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The three wetlands will prevent mineral-heavy water running into the Mar Menor after periods of rain The Mar Menor recovery plan, which is benefiting from contributions from..

The Mar Menor will soon be given its own tax identification number
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The NIF will speed up administrative procedures to do with the protected Mar Menor lagoon After becoming the first ecosystem in Europe to be granted its own legal personality..

Mar Menor recovery continues with the reclamation of 740m2 of occupied beach
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Heavy metal deposits have already been greatly reduced thanks to 65 new retention dikes in Cartagena With a budget of 484.4 millions euros to spend between now and 2026, the..

50 million euros earmarked to help the Mar Menor ecosystem were spent in Seville
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - When the 50-million-euro project was deemed ‘ineffective’, the money was ‘diverted’ to public water supply companies in Andalucia The Ministry for Ecological Transition..

Cartagena will benefit from 30 per cent of Mar Menor recovery fund
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - More than 484 million euros will be spent on protecting the Mar Menor A huge budget of 484.4 million euros has been made available to aid the recovery, regeneration and future..

Millions of sea snails invade the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The mollusc has travelled to Murcia from the Red Sea and is a serious threat to native marine species The bed of the Mar Menor is a flourishing habitat for countless animal species..

Research project will help predict the environmental collapse of the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The innovative study will examine the relationship between nitrogen and the eutrophication of the Mar Menor Using the huge volumes of data that have been collected on the ecosystem..

Prosecution of senior officials accused of polluting Mar Menor to be divided into 2 separate proceedings
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Minister of Agriculture and former Water Commissioner will be prosecuted for the degredation of the Mar Menor The Provincial Court of Murcia has this week decided to divide..

Mar Menor farmers hit with more restrictions to avoid EU sanctions
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Crop rotation, soil analysis and fertiliser restrictions will form part of the plan to protect the Mar Menor With the European Commission again threatening legal action for failing..

Why are the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor changing colour?
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Scientists point to increasing temperatures as the culprit for dramatic water changes in Spain The very slightest variations in Spanish waters can produce a knock-on effect for..

Torrential rain dumps litres of harmful sediment into the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Severe flooding throughout Murcia has further damaged the delicate ecosystem of the lagoon The end of the week has brought a dramatic change to the weather, and with the arrival..

Mar Menor fishermen reeling over damaged nets caused during government inspections
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Members of the Fishermen's Guild of San Pedro del Pinatar in the Murcia Region feel they are being unfairly punished Fishermen in the Mar Menor are once again at loggerheads with..

70 people investigated for damaging the Mar Menor this year
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Murcia Region has increased its Guardia Civil force by 6.4%, allowing greater protection for the Mar Menor Hundreds of people flocked to Belluga on Tuesday to celebrate the..

Green light for more than a dozen solar parks in Mar Menor and Cartagena sparks backlash
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Accoif action group is up in arms over the granting of licenses for 14 plants in the Region of Murcia municipality Outraged residents and the Alliance of Campo de Cartagena for..

Mar Menor flooded with harmful fresh water following weekend storms
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Three times more potentially contaminated flood water has drained into the Mar Menor The torrential storms which battered the Region of Murcia this weekend, flooding entire municipalities..

Final victory in Mar Menor battle for personhood with ILP vote
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The Mar Menor is now considered a legal person with its own rights The Mar Menor was the scene of much celebration on Wednesday September 21 as the Congress of Deputies voted..