Troubling report sheds light on the real causes of pollution in the Mar Menor
The environmental imbalance of the Mar Menor is caused by several different factors Europe’s largest lagoon has been balancing on a knife-edge for years and frequently swings between critically..

Boat mooring banned in 4 areas of the Mar Menor to protect endangered seaweed
The areas affected by the ban will be marked on Isla de la Perdiguera, Isla Mayor, Punta del Galán-Pedruchillo and Matas Gordas Spain’s Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA..

The effects of macro-farms on the Mar Menor
Officials in the Region have been asked for information on the environmental impact of these large pig farms A request has been made to authorities in the Region of Murcia to present information..

Plan para la protección del borde litoral del Mar Menor
Click here to see the full document in Spanish:Plan para la protección del borde litoral del Mar Menor Published on 25/06/2020. Join the Mar Menor group on Facebook for info about Los Alcá..

Why it is so difficult to solve the current problems in the Mar Menor
The problems faced by the Mar Menor are caused by a complex combination of factors, making easy solutions equally difficult to find Anyone with even a passing interest in current affairs in the..

Calls for restrictions on party boats on Region of Murcia beaches
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Dozens of fines have been handed out to boats anchoring too close to the Mar Menor coastline Since last summer groups have been petitioning against the presence of party boats..

WATCH: Poachers dump dozens of dead fish in waters of Los Nietos
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Ministry of the Environment has ruled out a new episode of anoxia in the Mar Menor   Residents of Los Nietos were horrified when they woke on Tuesday morning, August 21..

Government gives in to pressure and extends Mar Menor building ban
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The law will block any development around the Mar Menor and prevent the lagoon from being left “unprotected” The regional government has made a complete about-turn this week..

Cartagena plans pilot project to remove sludge from the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Sludge on the southern shore of the Mar Menor has been reduced by 40% in the last two years Over the last 12 months, expert technicians have been studying the best ways to eliminate..

Outrage as building ban around the Mar Menor set to be lifted
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Dozens turned out to protest the lifting of the development ban around the Mar Menor lagoon The building moratorium on the Mar Menor will expire on Thursday August 3 as the local..

Mar Menor farmers fined more than half a million euros
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Farmers have been sanctioned for overflowing slurry pits and planting too close to the Mar Menor, among other things The Law for the Recovery and Protection of the Mar Menor..

Ecologists demand answers for the population boom of fried egg jellyfish in the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Top water quality and conditions are vital if the Mar Menor hospitality industry is to have a successful summer Summer is here and so begins the most precarious season for the..

Artificial reefs designed to protect Mar Menor marine life
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The eco-friendly structures will be installed in Lo Pagán, La Ribera, Los Alcázares and Los Nietos Environmental agents in the Mar Menor have come up with yet another novel..

Rusting remnants of failed Puerto Mayor project will finally be removed
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The hulking metal structure of the disastrous leisure complex in La Manga will cost 22.6 million to dismantle Almost two decades after building work began on the Puerto Mayor..

Huge mass of white water stains the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Satellite images show a large area of water between Los Alcázares, Los Urrutias and Isla Perdiguera which has turned white The sudden appearance of an “anomalous” mass of white..

The Mar Menor will not be injected with oxygen this summer
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Murcia does not plan to continue with its star lagoon oxygenation project as the Scientific Committee has not proposed new tests The Mar Menor saltwater lagoon is in threat of..

San Javier airport transformed into Mar Menor endangered species habitat
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The site of the old Murcia airport will soon be filled with aquariums full of threatened seahorses and shellfish The now-defunct San Javier airport will soon be put to very good..

Dozens investigated for pollution and illegal irrigation around the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Guardia Civil inspected 54 farms and waste management companies in Alhama, Cartagena, Fuente Álamo, Torre Pacheco and Totana The Guardia Civil is actively investigating..

Oyster beds planted in San Pedro to filter the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Some 30,000 bivalves have so far been released in the Mar Menor A Mar Menor clean-up project which optimistically began just over a year ago has reached a crucial phase with..

Murcia politicians have 50 days to decide whether to extend Mar Menor planning and building moratorium
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The ban on new construction in La Manga del Mar Menor expires on August 3, but parliament has broken up for the next month and a half The parliamentary activity of the Regional..

Bathing jetties on Mar Menor beaches will be ready in June
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - For another year running, floating pontoons will be needed to swim in the Mar Menor due to the flotsam and jetsam on the shore The polluted state of the Mar Menor lagoon means..

A return to traditional farming: How to save the Mar Menor
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - New report suggests major changes need to be made to Murcia’s agricultural industry to protect the environment A new study commissioned by the public company Tragsa for Spain..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Military debris to be removed from the Mar Menor for the first time ever
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Marine rubbish from Air Force bases and airfields will be cleaned up across Spain For the first time in history, the Ministry of Defence has agreed to collaborate with the Hippocampus..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Torre Pacheco protects itself against flooding
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Torre Pacheco Council unveils plans to reduce the risk of flooding in vulnerable areas of the municipality As plans are presented to reduce the localised risk of flooding the Mayor..