Murcia brings in the big guns with drones to control mosquitos after heavy rain
The city council is intensifying mozzie control in the Rambla de Tabala, Murcia Murcia has steped up its mosquito control campaign today (Friday September 30) following..

Fire and flood risk prevention steps up a gear in Jumilla
Town Council undertakes cleaning work to avoid the risk of fire and flooding Jumilla Town Council is carrying out work to clean the overgrown weeds and reeds in the riverbed..

Big step forward in connecting Alicante and Murcia desalination plants
The CHS plans to connect the water plants located in Torrevieja and Águilas A major step has been taken this week to connect the two large desalination plants of Torrevieja..

ICUs start to empty: Murcia Covid update September 30
There are currently only four critically ill patients in the entire Region of Murcia After a slight delay, the latest data relating to the coronavirus pandemic in the..

Aguilas achieves 100 per cent rating for local government transparency and citizen participation
The council of Águilas reaffirms its commitment to active citizen participation in the running of local affairs The Town Hall of Águilas has once again achieved a maximum..

Mazarron Town Hall to spend 17 million euros on road and infrastructure improvements
A forward-looking investment in services and infrastructures throughout the municipality of Mazarrón The Town Hall of Mazarrón reports that the council has approved plans..

Puerto de Mazarron health centre to stay open in the afternoons all year round
The regional authorities have finally agreed to allow the health centre to stay open 365 days a year The Regional Ministry of Health in Murcia has made a commitment to..

Demolition of El Rollo tunnel in Murcia begins as part of AVE undergound works
According to central government, the AVE to Murcia's El Carmen station will arrive in December Demolition of El Rollo tunnel on Avenida del Palmar in Murcia has begun as..

Green light for more than a dozen solar parks in Mar Menor and Cartagena sparks backlash
Accoif action group is up in arms over the granting of licenses for 14 plants in the Region of Murcia municipality Outraged residents and the Alliance of Campo de Cartagena..

Cartagena requests 5 million from EU for new bike lanes
The Murcia municipality also plans to create two new car parks with electric vehicle charging points The Cartagena City Council has once again approached Brussels for a..

Storms beat a retreat in Murcia Region: weather outlook September 29-October 2
The temperatures will remain in the mid-20s throughout the Region of Murcia with much cooler nights After an extremely changeable few days that brought torrential storms..

Condado de Alhama golf course for sale rumour has some accuracy
Condado de Alhama group to be given first refusal to purchase “Signature” golf course While the recent rumour circulating on social media and in the golfing fraternity..

Jumilla attractions exceed pre-pandemic tourist visitor figures
More than 24,000 people visited the Region of Murcia town's museums, castle and other landmarks between January and August 2022 To mark World Tourism Day (September 27)..

Aguilas warns of stiff fines and increased police surveillance to tackle illegal dumping
Littering and illegal dumping of rubble and furniture in Águilas in the Region of Murcia's south west carries fines of up to 300 euros An upsurge in illegally dumped furniture..

Lorca marks 10th anniversary of catastrophic flooding in which 10 lost their lives
Progress in improving flood protection infrastructures in the Lorca countryside has been disappointingly slow since 2012 Tuesday September 28 was a day of solemn remembrance..

5 expert tips to ensure your Spanish home is flood proof
These experts tips will protect you against water damage in Spain this winter Anyone who has been in Spain during the autumn and winter will know what a fickle climate..

Condado property in State auction
A 2-bedroom apartment appears in the State auction with no minimum bid An apartment on Condado de Alhama has been entered in to the state auction through the Murcia judicial..

Cheap as chips: which supermarket in Spain gives the most bang for your buck?
An average supermarket haul in Spain is now 15% more expensive than it was last year Finding value for money in our everyday lives has never been more important, especially..

Update on driving licences for Brits in Spain from the British Embassy: Tuesday September 27
The British Embassy has released another video explaining its “progress” on the driving licence negotiations The British Embassy in Madrid has released another update..

Lorca unveils its first motorhome and camper van parking area
The site next to the Huerto de la Rueda in central Lorca opens with space for 10 vehicles In an effort to cater for ever more kinds of tourism the Town Hall of Lorca has opened..

European Mobility Weeks draws to a close in Aguilas with a street festival
A day of music, theatre and family activities was held in Águilas' Calle Conde de Aranda in the Region of Murcia's south west Almost 3,000 EU towns and cities, including..

Vaccination campaign stung by uptick in Covid cases: Murcia update September 27
Both the 7- and 14-day incidence figures have jumped up in the Region this week The joint flu jab and coronavirus booster campaign got underway in the Region of Murcia..

How to book an appointment for your flu vaccine in Murcia 2022
Flu season is upon us again. Who should get vaccinated against flu this winter and how can you make an appointment? Influenza is a highly contagious viral epidemic disease..

Sonic boom startles Murcia residents as plane breaks the sound barrier
A US fighter bomber produced the frightening bang as it passed over the Region A siesta was out of the question in Murcia on Monday September 26 as a tremendous explosion..