Appeasement ceremony in Santiago de Compostela after controversial Carnival speech
The Archbishop took offence after fun was poked at Saint James and the Virgen del Pilar Following a controversial opening speech at this year’s Carnival celebrations..

Diesel cars could be banned in the Balearics as of 2025
The government in the islands aims to make all vehicles electric by 2050 It is a source of great frustration to many people that governments all over the world appear reluctant..

Catalan crisis in danger of descending into farce as anti-separatists respond in kind
The Tabarnia group reacts to Girona street name change by proposing another in Barcelona Following the decision made on Tuesday by the town hall of Girona to change the name..

Radar speed traps on Spanish roads: how fast are you allowed to drive without being fined?
The Guardia Civil and the DGT clarify thresholds for fines on radar speed readings The Guardia Civil and the DGT national traffic authority have recently been active on social..

The Catalan city of Girona commemorates the outlawed independence referendum
The Plaza de la Constitución is to be renamed after the disputed 1st October vote Events concerning the separatist movement in Catalunya continue to defy credibility in..

Instant online bank transfers within the Eurozone are a reality as of 14th February
Up to 15,000 euros can be transferred within seconds – at last! Many people have been bewildered for a long time over the time it takes for bank transfers to become effective..

Spain must pay compensation to convicted Basque separatist terrorists
The European Court of Human Rights finds that the perpetrators of an attack at Madrid airport were maltreated  The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has ruled..

Snow on the coast as northern Spain continues in the grip of winter
Delight for skiers in the Cantabria report of Alto Campóo! Temperatures appear to be creeping upwards in south-eastern Spain this week, but much of the rest of the country..

Former Catalan president takes centre stage in Carnival parades
The Spanish government rejects the idea of a “symbolic” president of Catalunya The Spanish government has responded to the continuing speculation over the identity..

Spanish property sales rose by 14.6 per cent last year to reach a 9-year high
Increases in all 17 regions as the real estate market in Spain continues to bounce back This Tuesday the provisional residential property sales figures for December 2017 were..

Fishy goings-on in half of Spain’s restaurant menu seafood descriptions!
Restaurants are not always at fault when cheaper substitutes are served to diners A report compiled by Azti Tecnalia has concluded that approximately half of all fish and..

UK government commits to reinstating lifelong expat voting rights
Too late to vote on Brexit, but long-term expats could soon be allowed to vote again in the UK! Many British expats were upset in 2016 to discover that they were not entitled..