Huge shoals of jellyfish fill the nets of Málaga fishermen
An invasion of mauve stingers is also affecting the coasts of Granada and Almería The fishermen of Málaga are reported to have been experiencing difficulty in bringing..

Almost 1,700 businesses left Catalunya in the first quarter of 2018
Only 94 moved to the region as political uncertainty continued in Catalunya It might have been assumed that the stream of businesses changing their registered addresses..

Consum supermarkets to phase out plastic bags
Paper replacements are already in use for online purchases from Consum Supermarket chain Consum has followed the lead of competitors Lidl by drastically reducing the use..

9-year-old raises 1,000 euros for children in Venezuela by forgoing Communion presents
The boy in Valencia has chosen to remain anonymous but has won widespread applause A heart-warming has come to light in the Spanish media this week regarding a 9-year-old..

Eclipses and meteor showers in the summer just started in Spain
The Perseid shooting stars will be at their most visible on 12th August The summer officially started on Thursday at 12.07, and in a season during which the traditional..

Residential construction in Spain forecast to increase by 8 per cent this year
The third consecutive year of significant increases in Spanish construction activity As the Spanish real estate market continues with its recovery so too, although more..

Former Prime Minister goes back to the day job as a property registrar in Santa Pola
Mariano Rajoy fulfils his promise to abandon the world of politics True to the down-to-earth style to which the Spanish public have grown accustomed over the last three..

Anti-tourism protest at the Park Güell in Barcelona
Activists oppose mass tourism on the grounds that it is killing local communities Anti-tourist feelings re-surfaced in the city of Barcelona on Tuesday, when two activists..

IAG faces Lufthansa rival bid in efforts to acquire Norwegian
Norwegian share values soar as Lufthansa enters the fray It has emerged that the IAG group, which includes British Airways and Iberia, faces significant competition in..

Alicante to Catalunya motorway tolls to be scrapped at the end of 2019
Relief for motorists but concerns over maintenance costs on toll roads in Spain José Luis Ábalos, Spain’s new Minister for Development, has confirmed that it is the..

Spanish government may propose removal of the remains of Franco from his mausoleum
There are worries that the proposal may yet again re-open Civil War wounds One of the consequences of the abrupt change in the national government of Spain at the beginning..

King’s brother-in-law opts for solitary confinement during prison sentence
Iñaki Urdangarín will be the sole occupant of a male prisoner wing in a women’s jail The saga of the Nóos case and trial, which at times over the last few years has..