Improvements made to Minimum Living Income in Spain
People who suddenly lose their income in Spain will no longer have to wait a year before claiming the benefit There is some good news on the horizon for workers in Spain..

Hunter shot to death in Navarra
Officers in Navarra are trying to establish whether the man was killed by his own gun or that of another hunter A Navarra hunter died from a gunshot wound on Saturday October..

Gyms in Spain demand masks be removed during exercise
The Region of Murcia is the only community in Spain where mask-wearing isn’t mandatory while working out Gyms throughout Spain have demanded that the central and regional..

Hundreds of immigrants flocked to Spain over the weekend
The coasts of Andalucía, Valencia and Murcia have been inundated with irregular immigrants It’s been a tragic weekend for irregular immigrants arriving on Spanish shores..

Day 2 PCRs for entry into UK to be scrapped on October 24
Fully vaccinated people will be able to take a cheaper lateral flow test on day 2 as of October 24 From October 24, fully vaccinated passengers and under-18s arriving in..

Anti start breathalysers will be mandatory in passenger vehicles in Spain
Professional cars carrying passengers in Spain will be fitted with the anti-start devices from 2022 In an effort to cut down on alcohol-related fatalities on Spanish roads..

La Palma volcano update October 15: hundreds more homes evacuated
Around 7,000 people have been forced to leave their homes and more than 1,500 buildings have been destroyed Following the collapse of the north face of the Cumbre Vieja..

Rising electricity costs fuel fears of a difficult winter in Spain
The average electricity bill in Spain has increased by 44% in just one year As winter creeps ever closer, homeowners in Spain face a season of extortionate electric and..

Migrant mother gives birth to twins off coast of Gran Canaria
One of the babies had sadly died before the migrants were rescued off Spain’s Canary Islands Sadly, incidents involving irregular immigrants attempting to illegally travel..

Car plunges off bridge in A Coruna
The car was forced off the road by two other vehicles travelling at high speed A spectacular incident on Wednesday October 13 saw a car plunge from an eight-metre-high..

Onion days return to Spain this autumn
The fall season in Spain is characterised by cold mornings giving way to warmer afternoons As Spain settles into autumn after a scorching summer, there is a noticeable..

Spain introduces new tax laws from January 2022
Changes to Spanish property wealth taxes will impact all real estate transactions from next year New rules to prevent tax evasion in Spain are coming into force at the..

Tight Christmas ahead as toy prices skyrocket in Spain
Many toy manufactures in Spain have experienced a 40% increase in production costs which will be passed onto consumers The economy in Spain may be experiencing a subtle..

Spain Covid update October 14: intensive care occupancy drops below 5 per cent
Almost 90% of the target population in Spain has now been fully vaccinated The coronavirus pandemic in Spain appears to be beating a steady retreat as the week closes with..

Spanish central government excludes Mar Menor from 2022 budget
Over 340 million euros are being allocated for submarines in Cartagena, Murcia The recently released Budget plan for 2022 reveals that the national government has not allocated..

DGT clarifies use of roundabouts in Spain
The rules for driving on a roundabout in Spain are the same as those on a straight road There are few driving manoeuvres that spark more controversy in Spain than negotiating..

Barcelona woman arrested with cocaine hidden in her wig
The suspect was caught smuggling cocaine into Spain from the Caribbean The Guardia Urbana in Barcelona arrested a woman on Monday October 11 in the Sant Andreu neighbourhood..

UK truck driver crisis threatens Spain
Rising costs and decreasing salaries make trucking in Spain an unattractive option for many professionals In recent weeks the United Kingdom has suffered from a serious..

Spain to reduce Covid vaccine spending by half in 2022
Almost 90% of the target population in Spain has now been fully vaccinated With the fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic seemingly under control in Spain and 87.8% of..

Spain asked to cease cruel octopus farming
Scientists claim that octopuses cultivated on farms in Spain experience much 'suffering' Animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has made a formal request..

Terror attack foiled in Spain: five Islamic State members arrested in Barcelona and Madrid
The alleged jihadist group, based in Barcelona, were said to be preparing a terrorist attack Five people are in prison after a jihadist cell was dismantled in Barcelona..

Spain plans to collect 1bn euros in traffic fines next year
The Government in Spain expects to make 4.4% more through traffic violations than the previous year With general costs for consumers on the rise in Spain and the General..

Mandatory training for dog owners in Spain: everything you need to know
The new Animal Protection Law establishes that it is mandatory for dog owners in Spain to have passed a training course The new Animal Protection Law being introduced in..

Viral video shows drones airlifting food to dogs trapped by volcano
Two dogs left on a roof surrounded by lava in La Palma are being fed and watered by volunteers with a drone A video shared on Facebook and Twitter has captured the hearts..