Extra policing in Barcelona on Friday as radical separatists threaten disruption
The Spanish Cabinet meets in Catalunya exactly a year after the last regional..

“Travel agency” for migrants busted after bringing 600 Moroccans into Spain illegally
Among the 7 arrested in Guardia Civil raids was one in the Region of Murcia..

Dutch Jihadist arrested at motorway service station in Catalunya
Khalid Makran had been shouting and painting Jihadist slogans in Salou..

Madrid man faces charges after living with the corpse of his mother for a year
The 92-year-old’s death was not reported so that her son could continue..

322 firearms including machine guns confiscated by the Guardia Civil
Most of the weapons were traced to properties in the region of Asturias..

Cádiz deports 5,500 nuisance pigeons to a Valencia town 760 kilometres away!
The Town Hall has also issued 40 feral cat feeding licences as one of its..