Social security contributions for the self-employed in Spain are suspended for 6 months
Relief for autónomos as no interest or surcharges will payable on deferred..

1.7 million facemasks arrive for medical professionals in Murcia
20,000 rapid coronavirus testing kits have still not reached the regional..

Imperial College estimates 7 million cases of Covid-19 in Spain
Lockdown measures are calculated to have saved around 16,000 lives so far..

Only three mourners allowed at funerals during the coronavirus emergency in Spain
A total ban is imposed on wakes and funeral vigils as Covid-19 claims thousands..

Tuesday Covid-19 update: over 94,000 cases in Spain, 8,149 dead and 19,259 recovered
A record for daily fatalities as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread..

Our furry friends are in trouble too....abandoned dogs, charities without funds and animals left to starve
People may be adopting pets simply in order to justify breaking the confinement..

Maintaining the food chain.Spanish producers noting the lack of a migrant workforce
The closure of borders means migratory farmhands are not available to harvest..

Breakdown of Covid-19 cases by municipality following 9 further deaths in Murcia on Monday
Fewer cases were confirmed than on previous days but the low level of testing..

Dozens of reports in Murcia of weekend lockdown breakers going to holiday homes
3,700 fined in Spain for heading for second homes at the beach and in the..

Spanish Health Minister says a peak in the coronavirus is very close
Cautious optimism but the resources of hospitals and health services are..

20 tons of emergency medical equipment arrives from China
This morning the first plane in a series of scheduled emergency flights..

15 of 25 coronavirus victims in Murcia so far are residents of homes for the elderly
Many of the most lethal outbreaks in Spain have been in homes for the elderly..

Murcia health minister warns that more hard days lie ahead
Obeying the lockdown restrictions is vital to limit the spread of Covid..

10,000 protection suits bought in for medics as 28-year-old doctor dies in Cuenca
Doctors, medical staff and officers of the law are especially exposed to..

Pregnant woman becomes coronavirus victim in a Galicia hospital while her baby is stillborn
The husband and father has tested negative for Covid-19 The latest victims..

Monday Covid-19 update: over 85,000 cases in Spain as the death toll rises to 7,340
25 fatalities and almost 1,000 reported cases in Murcia The latest official..

Statistics suggest the official Covid-19 death toll in Spain is considerably lower than the reality
Official Covid-19 totals in some regions fail to explain the increase in..

Second additional morgue planned in the unused Ciudad de la Justicia in Madrid
The unopened forensics institute was conceived built at a cost of millions..

ERTE temporary employment regulation schemes must end when the State of Emergency ends
ERTEs will come to an end immediately the coronavirus emergency is declared..

Spanish government imposes enforced closure on non-essential businesses
The Spanish workforce has been shut down for two weeks except those involved..

Saturday update. 832 deaths in 24 hours; worst day of the Coronavirus crisis in Spain so far
The death count on Saturday lunchtime is 5,694 in Spain but the number of those..

FINED: Couple suffering from Covid-19 caught shopping in a supermarket
The couple had been ordered to remain in isolation but ignored the order and..

125 coronavirus cases in 8 homes for the elderly in the Region of Murcia
Over 60 infections and 4 deaths at the Caser centre in Santo Ángel with..

Friday Covid-19 update : over 64,000 cases in Spain as the death toll rises to 4,858
The daily death toll rises again to a new high of 769  The latest official..

Millions set to be added to the unemployment total in Spain
Around a quarter of the Murcia workforce is currently redundant A return..

Spanish government prepares stricter lockdown contingency plans
Draft legislation is being drawn up to cater for a continued escalation..

Real coronavirus case total could be 10 times higher than reported
Insufficient testing leads to numbers being understated and makes stopping..

Faulty rapid coronavirus testing kits returned to Chinese manufacturer
An unforeseen delay to the onset of mass Covid-19 testing in Spain It..

687 active coronavirus cases in Murcia as the death toll reaches 15
53 patients in intensive care as numbers rise sharply in the Costa Cálida..

Madrid lockdown breaker fined for claiming to be hunting Pokemons in the street
The hunting of Pokemons, dinosaurs and magical creatures is forbidden during..

Kerching!!! Another 600 euro fine for dancing in the streets as cases in Spain reach 56,000
That's 56,000 PEOPLE. People like you and me, our friends, our family LOCKDOWN..

Murcia police aim to make their own facemasks with 3-D printers
4 officers have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and 38 more are in quarantine..

Thursday Covid-19 update: over 56,000 cases in Spain as the death toll rises above 4,100
8,500 new confirmed cases but the first drop in daily fatalities in the..

Town sets 30-euro minimum for shoppers as a deterrent for lockdown breakers
Dog-walking restrictions in other parts of Spain as owners defy the coronavirus..

Lot of misunderstanding on social media about the number of people allowed in a car
Police remain firm: only one person in a car unless absolutely necessary..

3,000 fined and 14 arrested in Murcia for breaking coronavirus lockdown restrictions
The Guardia Civil and the national police continue to fine offenders in..

Statistical model predicts coronavirus peak in Murcia on 10th April with 129 deaths
The stricter the lockdown, the better, according to mathematical forecasting..

596 confirmed coronavirus cases in Murcia on Thursday as the death toll reaches 8
36 patients are in intensive care as hospitals scramble to increase their..

Fined for walking his chicken in Lanzarote in breach of lockdown regulations
Police failed to see the funny side of 740 deaths yesterday and issued a fine..

No rubbish recycling for households hit by coronavirus in Murcia
All household waste in the standard grey container for households with..

Delivery of 4 million facemasks to Murcia put back until next week
A quarter of confirmed coronavirus patients in Murcia are public healthcare..

Wednesday update: over 47,000 Covid-19 cases in Spain and 740 more deaths in the last 24 hours
Almost 8,000 new confirmed cases in Spain by Wednesday lunchtime The..

Fugitive coronavirus patients detained after escaping from hospital
Frustrated patients discharge themselves in Madrid and Benidorm The..

Regional governments empowered to take over homes for the elderly following shocking corpse discoveries
Strict new measures govern old people’s homes after scandalous revelations..

Ryanair does not expect to fly during April and May
Passengers whose flights have been cancelled will be contacted Michael..

UK pensioners in Spain hit by a 10 per cent drop in the pound-euro exchange rate
Sterling is currently trading at 1.08 euros on international money markets..

Coronavirus victims found dead in their beds at residences for the elderly in Spain
Widespread shock greets the news broken by the Minister of Defence The..

Spanish shoppers stop panic buying and purchase 78 per cent more beer
Desperate time call for desperate measures – so pour yourself another..

Cyber-attack threatens Spanish hospital computer systems
Healthcare workers are urged not to open suspicious emails with the entire..

Madrid ice rink to be used as a morgue as the coronavirus death toll soars in the Spanish capital
The Palacio de Hielo offers the cold necessary to store bodies awaiting..

Spanish borders closed to those trying to enter the country
The restrictions reach ports and airports as well as the land borders with..

Exhibition centre in Madrid receives first patients as emergency coronavirus hospital
The first patients were admitted to the trade fair venue on Saturday as..

Supermarket opening hours and safety rules for shoppers during the corona crisis
Sunday opening ban has now been quashed and shoppers can buy food on Sunday..

Military emergencies unit convert snow cannon to spray disinfectant
There are nearly 3,000 members of the Spanish Armed Forces working to disinfect..

State of Emergency in Spain to be extended by a further 15 days
The national government has taken the decision after a teleconference with..

Post office opening times limited to 3 hours in the morning throughout Spain
Minimal services are being offered for the duration of the coronavirus..

Self-employed in Spain entitled to 700 euros a month unemployment benefit during the coronavirus emergency
Relief for “autónomos” as the government implements more measures..

Coronavirus lockdown extension expected until at least 12th April in Spain but NOT confirmed
There are many reports on social media stating this as fact, but NOTHING HAS..

Over 17,000 cases of Covid-19 in Spain by Thursday lunchtime
A rise of over 3,431 cases over the last 24 hours as the death toll rises..

Spanish government closes hotels,campsites and caravan parks
Information from the Foreign Office The Spanish government has now ordered..

Further lockdown clarifications: you can take the children shopping and go to the vet
Loopholes in the original decree are closed after ambiguities became apparent..

Ban on switching telecommunications suppliers in Spain during the coronavirus emergency
The move is designed to protect customers and telecoms installation workers..

ITV roadworthiness tests suspended during the coronavirus emergency
Car and motorcycle owners will have to play catch-up on their ITV tests..

Flights and ferry services suspended in the Canary and Balearic Islands
Travel restrictions isolate the Spanish island regions Following the..

21:30 Switch on your phones to pay homage to those who have died from coronavirus
It's becoming important to all those of us holed up in our homes to form..

Spain approves 20 billion euro package of economic measures to prevent the destruction of employment
Credit is made available to businesses to improve liquidity and temporary redundancies..

Spaniards abroad urged to fly home before airspace is closed
The Balearics set a precedent by closing airspace and shipping routes..

Rules to observe during the coronavirus lockdown period
All members of the public are ordered to stay at home unless absolutely necessary..

ERTE temporary redundancy schemes and how they affect businesses and the workforce
ERTEs are likely to affect millions of employees in Spain during a prolonged..

Spanish government orders total lockdown of Spain as State of Emergency is ratified
From 08:00 on Monday morning movement will be restricted across Spain and all..

JET2 Cancels all flights to Spain
Jet2 has announced the suspension of all flights to Spain in response to..

Coronavirus case totals in Murcia and Spain - official measures in place to combat the epidemic
The latest updates according to official sources throughout Spain NOTE..

Coronavirus, the facts – and a list of WHO myth-busters
Recommended precautions to reduce the risk of infection include frequent..

So Brexit is finally happening – how the transition period affects expats in Spain
The UK leaves the European Union after 47 years at 23.00 on Friday Brexit..

Alcohol and driving in Spain – legal limits and recommendations
There seems to have been some confusion lately over the legal limit in..

Important security alert: Protecting your system against the latest cyber threats, Spectre and Meltdown
Just what are Spectre and Meltdown, the latest cyber threats, and how can..

Catalan independence: basic explanation of the Catalan referendum situation
Why has there been so much trouble in Catalunya and what are the issues?..

Experience a different side of Andalucia by living in a cave!
Where to stay Andalucia Spain In a part of Spain well-known for its cave..

Could Brexit be Guy Fawkes in disguise?
Brexit article – by Keith Littlewood, Blacktower Regional Manager Costa..

PepsiCo sets targets for sugar reduction
PepsiCo Inc has set a target for reducing the amount of sugar in its soft..

Guardia Civil wades into the great Spanish roundabout driving debate
Spanish drivers continue to choose the wrong lane and eschew indicators at..

Find peace of mind with a cost-effective and practical Avalon Funeral plans
In Spain, it is the norm to plan ahead for your funeral. It’s all part of..

Ipsos MORI poll shows 53 percent of Britons back Brexit
A telephone poll by Ipsos MORI showed 53 percent of Britons would vote to..

EU fails to agree over withdrawal of Roundup weedkillers
EU nations refused to back a limited extension of the pesticide glyphosate..

Trump draws even with Clinton in national White House poll
Republican Donald Trump pulled even with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton..

Trump draws even with Clinton in national White House poll
Republican Donald Trump pulled even with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton..

Drawing on history, Cameron argues Britain is safer in EU
Britain needs the European Union to help fight Islamic State and rebuff a &..

Stop Trump campaign appears to have lost the battle as Trump wins again
Republican front-runner Donald Trump went from long-shot contender to become..

Spain's King Felipe on Tuesday dissolved parliament and formally called a..

Air strikes pound Syria's Aleppo
Nearly 30 air strikes hit rebel-held areas of Syria's northern city of Aleppo..

Bulgarian town bans full-face veils worn by some Roma Muslims
The central Bulgarian town of Pazardzhik banned the wearing of full-face veils..

Understanding the Funeral Process in Spain will help to avoid stress at a difficult time with Avalon
In Spain, it is the norm to plan ahead for your funeral. It’s all part of..

 Prehistoric cave paintings at Covalanas in Cantabria
The paintings in Ramales de la Victoria are believed to be 22,000 years old..

Montefrio and Castellfolit de la Roca amongst top ten best views in the world
The National Geographic chooses two small towns in Granada and Girona amongst..

What is a Gota Fría?
Never underestimate the destructive power of the rain in Spain The Gota..

Recovering stolen jewellery and other items in Spain
The Policía Nacional have a virtual gallery of stolen valuables recovered..

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