Beagle puppies to be sacrificed in animal testing trial in Spain
Experts claim that testing drugs on dogs in Spain is ‘essential’ Animal testing is vigorously regulated in Spain but however unpleasant a concept, many experts believe..

Research shows cannabis can prevent Covid from replicating
A study conducted on mice shows that CBD inhibits viral replication without side effects A breakthrough study published this week in the journal ‘Science Advances’..

Omicron accounts for 70 per cent of EU Covid cases
The Omicron variant is now the dominant coronavirus strain in Spain The European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) has confirmed that the Omicron variant..

Boat captain jailed for death of migrant baby in Spain
The child and a woman drowned as their illegal boat was approaching the Canary Islands from Morocco A Moroccan man has been sentenced to eight years in prison by the Superior..

Owner denied custody of dog in historical animal welfare ruling in Spain
The new Animal Welfare Law in Spain recognises animals as sentient beings rather than objects A judge from Oviedo in the principality of Asturias has been the first in..

Cup of coffee in Spain costs 10 cents more due to electricity prices
Soaring energy costs in Spain have had a knock-on effect on many products The price of electricity reached its highest rate of the year on Monday January 17 at a wallet..

Spanish warship sets sail for the Black Sea amid growing tensions with Russia
The ship ‘Meteoro’ will depart from Cartagena to support NATO in the Ukraine crisis Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles has announced that Spain is bringing..

Slight decrease in hospitalisations: Spain Covid update January 21
The cumulative incidence rate in Spain has dropped for the third day in a row After almost three months without let-up, the Covid cumulative incidence rate has dropped..

Spain and UK among four countries where electricity prices quadrupled in 2021
Wholesale electricity prices in Spain went through the roof last year due to a rise in gas prices and increasing European CO2 emission charges Electricity prices quadrupled..

12 most-wanted UK criminals hiding in Spain
UK police have issued a call for any information that may lead to the whereabouts of these 12 fugitives in Spain (From top left to right) Benjamin Macann, Jack Mayle, Callum..

German pensioner takes his own life after shooting grandson in Balearic Islands
The 80-year-old grandfather shot himself in the head on the island of Formentera An elderly man shot and wounded his 22-year-old grandson and his 45-year-old daughter-in..

Spain rules out booster vaccine for children under 18
Health authorities in Spain will focus on encouraging the 3.1 million unvaccinated to get the jab Last week Spain announced that it would respond to a request by the Public..

Spain registers highest number of irregular migrants since 2019
Some 1,600 immigrants have illegally arrived in Spain in the first 15 days of this year A total of 1,604 migrants have arrived in Spain irregularly in the first two weeks..

Vueling and Ryanair dominate air travel in Catalonia
The two low-cost companies have increased their market share in Spain The health crisis of the past two years has shaken the tourism industry to its core and the airline..

Half of Spain on alert for freezing temperatures: weather update January 20
Murcia and Valencia are on alert for temperatures as low as -8ºC After weeks of spring-like temperatures, Spain has been experiencing a more seasonable cold snap in recent..

These are the two communities in Spain which are easing Covid restrictions
With the incidence rate declining, two regions in Spain have chosen to relax safety measures but five others will extend restrictions until the end of January The regional..

DGT introduces low emission zones for all large towns in Spain
From next year, all Spanish towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants will have mandatory low-emission zones In an effort to combat environmental and acoustic pollution in..

Incidence drops for second consecutive day: Spain Covid update January 20
The sixth wave continues to wreak havoc in Spain with almost 158,000 new cases and 160 deaths Spain has experienced the second drop in 48 hours in its cumulative incidence..

European Medicines Agency warns against fourth Covid jab in general Spanish population
The European regulator argues that injecting repeated boosters over short periods of time could reduce antibody levels As the Omicron variant continues to run rampant across..

Spanish government to buy majority share in Sareb bad bank
A new law allowing the State to own more than 50% of the divestment company may mean more council houses on private estates After the financial crash in 2008, Spain founded..

Jet2 bookings for Spain more than double in first two weeks of January
Since the UK relaxed travel restrictions at the beginning of the year, Jet2 has seen flight reservations to Spain jump by 150% Following an announcement by the UK government..

Spain Covid update January 19: incidence falls for first time since November
Hospital pressure and fatalities continue to rise in Spain and are expected to worsen in the coming days On October 14, the accumulated incidence of coronavirus began to..

Oldest man in the world dies in Spain less than a month from his 113th birthday
The world’s oldest man, from the Spanish city of León, sadly passed away this morning The oldest man in the world, Saturnino de la Fuente from the northern Spanish city..

Omicron or flu? How to tell the difference between symptoms
How to tell the difference between the early signs of the Omicron variant, the common cold and flu When faced with symptoms that resemble the flu amid the current coronavirus..