Catering managers faked their own deaths to avoid providing wedding banquet
The Madrid courts ruled that no fraud was involved although the man and..

3 times as many UK nationals are applying for Spanish nationality as before the Brexit referendum
The numbers are low but the figures for the British buck the downward trend..

Notaries report no slowdown in activity during mortgage tax chaos!
13 per cent more residential property mortgages this October than last..

Top El Gordo lottery prizes fattened still further by tax concession!
An extra 1,500 euros for lucky Christmas lottery winners in Spain This..

Tinsa report 7.8 per cent increase in Mediterranean coastal property values
The November figures show a nationwide increase of 5.6 per cent in the..

Catalan president advocates the “Slovenian path” to independence
62 people were killed in the Ten-Day War in Slovenia following the confirmation..