Registrars report 9,000 Spanish property sales to UK nationals last year
The British bought almost twice as many homes in Spain as any other foreign nationality The definitive figures published by Spain’s property registrars related to 2017..

Huge growth in snail farming in Spain!
The Spanish consume 16 million kilos of snails per year The eating of snails is a gastronomic tradition which many British people associate mainly with the French, but..

Rota in Cádiz replaces Northwood in London as one of the EU strategic headquarters
Spain hopes to take over the running of the Operation Atalanta anti-piracy mission Among the many consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union is the..

23 per cent of all new companies in Spain are in the construction and real estate sector
Almost 6,000 new building and property companies in the first quarter of 2018 Data published last week by Gedesco reveal that almost a quarter of all new companies created..

113 kilos of live eels confiscated at Madrid airport
Eel fishing is illegal in Spain due to the danger of extinction Contraband eels weighing a total of 113 kilos have been intercepted by the Guardia Civil at Madrid-Barajas..

Barcelona air traffic controllers announce summer strikes
Disruption threatened at Spain’s second busiest airport as of 20th June It sometimes seems that the start of summer is almost synonymous with air traffic controllers..

Petrol prices in Spain reach 2½-year high
Forecourt prices have risen by over 3 per cent in the last month The latest European Union Weekly Oil Bulletin reports that the average forecourt price of a litre of petrol..

Civil War victims to be exhumed in the Valley of the Fallen
80 years after their deaths, two victims from either side of the conflict are to be removed from the monumental burial site After a six-year battle in the courts the relatives..

Gruesome scenes of animal neglect at Galicia
The farmer responsible had benefitted from a 22,000-euro subsidy Details are coming to light of a “horror farm” which was discovered by the Seprona wildlife protection..

A new law could introduce fines for the parents of under-age drinkers
Happy hours could be made illegal in Spain under the terms of a new Alcohol Law Details were published this Wednesday in the Spanish press of the proposed new Law concerning..

ETA to announce its dissolution in early May
The Basque separatist terror group has not been active since 2010 After months of speculation that the Basque separatist terrorist group ETA may be on the point of definitively..

Tinsa report 3.6 per cent increase in Spanish property values
Much of the rise is due to a 6.8 per cent appreciation in large cities across Spain This week saw the publication of the latest data related to residential property values..