Gang that sold horse meat unfit for human consumption in Spain dismantled
The abused horses were purchased from all over Spain and kept in an illegal Valencia farm A criminal organisation specialising in producing horse meat unfit for human consumption all across Spain..

Murcia landowner faces court action after power line electrocution of eagle owls
Two birds of prey died after colliding with a high-voltage power line in Javalí Viejo, Region of Murcia Sadly, death by electrocution is not uncommon amongst bird species as many landowners and..

Pricey pets: expert tips on reducing your cat and dog costs
There are now more than 29 million cats, dogs and other small pets in Spain Spain, like the rest of Europe, is in the midst of a cost of living crisis and the forecasts for continuing price hikes..

Pet ID in Spain: What is it for and when will it come into force?
The DNI Animal will create a registry of companion animals throughout Spain At the beginning of August 2022, the Council of Ministers in Spain finally approved the second round of the Animal Welfare..

Spanish scientists uncover the key to halt ageing through the immortal jellyfish
These immortal jellyfish could be the answer to curing countless ageing-related illnesses It’s often said that fact is stranger than fiction, and scientists at the University of Oviedo in Spain..

Stand back: WHO warns of dangers of squashing a cockroach
These unsavoury critters come out in force during the Spanish summer Even the most ardent animal lovers out there must find it hard to suppress a shudder when a cockroach scuttles past their feet..

What to do if you get stung by a jellyfish and does pee really work?
If you spend a day on a beach in Spain, you're quite likely to come across a jellyfish, even if you don't go into the sea The heat is on and thoughts turn to a fun or totally relaxing day at..

Larger dog breeds allowed on Spanish trains in Renfe pilot project
Currently only service dogs and pets under 10kg are allowed to travel on trains in Spain In response to repeated demands from animal groups and pet owners across Spain, state-owned railway company..

Animal activists demand closure of dolphin parks in Spain
More than 120,000 signatures have been collected for the closure of Spain’s “brutal” dolphinariums A campaign launched by to request the closure of Spain’s dolphinariums has..

5 garden plants that will keep mosquitos at bay
These natural repellents will keep your gardens and patios mosquito-free this summer The Spanish summer is once more stretching ahead of us, with days made for sunbathing and refreshing dips in..