Malaga animal rescuers jailed for neglect of more than 100 dogs
Three Andalucía animal shelter workers behind bars for “deplorable” treatment of dogs under their care A Malaga court has sentenced three people who were responsible for the care of vulnerable..

Murcia sterilises parrot eggs to control the population
Argentine parrots are considered an invasive species in the Region of Murcia Parrots have become a colourful part of the landscape all across Spain, but this non-native species is quickly becoming..

5 garden plants that will keep mosquitos at bay
These natural repellents will keep your gardens and patios mosquito-free this summer The Spanish summer is once more stretching ahead of us, with days made for sunbathing and refreshing dips in..

Got a plague of ants in your home? These two surprising household items can help you get rid of them...
Ant infestations are very common in Spain, especially at the height of the summer They are hardly seen throughout the year but suddenly, one particular summer day arrives, and along with it, swarms..

Increased number of ticks in Murcia: tick prevention and treatment for pets and humans
Tick bites can be dangerous to both animals and their owners as they spread nasty diseases It’s tick season in Murcia, with the wet spring and now the high temperatures contributing to a rise..

These are the requirements for flying with your pets in Spain
Most airlines in Spain now allow dogs and cats to travel by plane Pets are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives and in Spain, it’s not uncommon for our furry friends to accompany..

Spanish sailors reveal what you should do if you meet a killer whale on the water
Would you know what to do if you met an orca while out in your boat? Spain’s Salvamento Marítimo maritime rescue service has released advice for anyone who comes across orcas in their boat.  ..

Toxic foods for dogs: do you know the 7 tasty human treats which are harmful to animals?
Many common foods in Spain can be dangerous for dogs  It’s often difficult to resist the pleading eyes of our pampered pooches, but there are many foods which, while extremely tempting to dogs..

7 popular plants in Spain that are poisonous to dogs and cats
Daffodils, lilies and tulips all pose a serious threat to pets in Spain Spain is undoubtedly a nation of animal lovers, and our furry companions are welcomed as part of the family in most places..

500 euro fine for unsecured dogs in cars in Spain
The DGT in Spain has advised that all animals travelling in vehicles need to be restrained While highlighting the dangers of distractions behind the wheel and ramping up penalties for not wearing..