The Santa Lucia Hospital, Cartagena

Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía, CartagenaC/ Mezquita, s/n, Paraje Los Arcos, 30202, Santa Lucía, CARTAGENA
Tel: 968 128600
If you know the extension you want: 968 128602
To call an individual room: 968 128601
667 beds

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This hospital doubles up with the Rosell in the centre of Cartagena to serve the population of Health Area Nº 2, including the municipalities of Cartagena, La Unión, Fuente Álamo and Mazarrón.

It is located out of town to the east of the city, on the CT-33 which runs from km 192 of the A-30 to the port area of Cartagena, and is easily accessed from the Mar Menor area. Follow signposts for the port, Puerto, and you’ll see this vast modern building, on the left hand side heading towards the port, you really can’t miss it!

Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía, CartagenaThe hospital has its own car park for 1700 vehicles, with paid parking; unfortunately the free car park on the right as you go in is small, and it is unusual to find spaces there as the few spaces are usually taken by staff.

Visiting hours in most areas of the hospital are from 15.30 to 18.30 and 20.30 to 22.00.
The hospital has a large emergencies department located on the end of the building entering the car park. Outpatients is at the other end.

This hospital has a specialist burns unit, A PET-CT unit which gives early and accurate diagnosis in oncological cases,  a new plastic surgery unit and many advanced surgery facilities.

The Santa Lucía  hospital has the latest in high tech equipment, one of the most important pieces of which is the ‘Artis Ziggo' machine made by Siemens, one of only 20 in Europe, and the only one on the Spanish mainland.

Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía, CartagenaThis high tech machine is used in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer, and is able to pinpoint blood vessels in 3d, allowing technicians to accurately pinpoint the vessels supplying a tumour and cut off its' blood supply. This means that microscopic cancer cells can be accurately pinpointed and treated.

The equipment is capable of rotating around the patient taking up to 60 images per second, enabling a 3d internal image to be constructed, and is the only equipment which is able to give a comprehensive view of the entire liver.

The system cost more than a million euros, and offers top notch treatment facilities for cancer patients within the Region of Murcia.
Those undergoing surgery will also benefit from the latest innovative technology and equipment, a series of screens enabling surgeons to access patient records during the operation, and for the entire procedure to be screened livetime in other departments within the hospital, and indeed transmitted via the internet to other hospitals within the technological network, enabling surgeons to interact with other surgeons across the country. The benefits of being able to link into this network of expertise are invaluable for operating surgeons, diagnostics, and training, and will provide permanent records of any operations undertaken.

Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía, CartagenaThere are 656 beds available within the hospital, and 14 operating theatres, all linked by a sophisticated computer system, with even the pharmacy linked so that medicines prescribed will be automatically transmitted down to the pharmacy to be prepared for collection, and then stock levels automatically adjusted.

The hospital also boasts what's known as the Planta Verde, the Green level, which has a conference room capable of seating 420, a library, 25 metre swimming pool, 2 gyms, athletics track, shops, public cafeteria and terrace.

The Santa Lucia hospital is named for the Barrio nearest to its location on the outskirts of Cartagena near to the Parque Mediterraneo Retail Park, the traditional fishing district of Cartagena and one of the most historic, Santa Lucía.

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