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Welcome to La Floración Cieza

5,000 hectares of peach trees burst into flower for the spring.
This year the warm spring weather has brought forward La Floración, the period during which the fruit trees which are such an essential element of the peach, plum, apricot and almond crops in the Murcia Region, burst into blossom.
From the latter part of February to the early part of April, the municipality of Cieza is transformed into a sea of sweet- smelling pink and white as La Floración fills the orchards surrounding this important peach production area, successive waves of blossom providing an ever-changing quilt of pink and white across the landscape as different varieties come into flower.

Floración Cieza is one of the prettiest, yet least known corners of Murcia, with a rich history of habitation, its flat fertile valleys and winding river overlooked by high craggy peaks, and the abandoned mediaeval Moorish city of Medina Siyasa, an area whose climate renders it perfect for stone fruit production, the most widely grown crop in the area being peaches.
To encourage visitors to enjoy this natural phenomena, varied activities are offered including visits to the main tourist attractions of the town, guided routes, artisan market, concerts, the “Floración en Cieza” photographic competition and a selection of set menu meals offered by restaurants in Cieza for this period.
There are also recommended routes which can be enjoyed by visitors independently, either on foot, in a car or on a bicycle, and the tourist office in Plaza de España, will be happy to supply leaflets, maps or advise on potential routes.
Staff at the Tourist Office are able to arrange guides for special guided visits during the week for larger groups, as well as advise on local restaurants offering the special menus for the duration of La Floracíón, but there will be a charge to cover the guide costs. The same office can also provide more detailed information regarding all of the events listed above.
Tourist office: Plaza de España, Cieza, Telephone 968 453 800. Click Cieza Tourist Office to make a booking, for Telephone numbers or contact via email.

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Cieza in the Region of Murcia