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We believe energy should be better. A better experience for you, your wallet and the environment.

We are intent on making energy Simpler, Greener and Cheaper, so not only you save money but with all bills and customer service in your language, you know exactly what you're paying for.


The switchover couldn't be easier, it only takes two minutes and we take care of all practicalities so you can be assured you'll always have power. We do all the work and you receive low cost, 100% green energy with none of the stress.




Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler

Energy Nordic is your English-speaking electricity supplier in Spain. Everything we say and write to you will be in clear, direct English. Should you have any questions, you will always have an English-speaking customer service team ready to assist you. Quite simple!


Flex Price guarantees that you get your energy at the exact market price

Flex Price; buy your energy at the exact market price. We buy power on the energy market every single day, and sell it on to you for the exact same price that we pay – with no extra costs or hidden charges. If electricity prices fall, then your costs will fall just the same.

You pay us a fixed handling fee for trading daily on the energy market for you. Simple and transparent.


• Energy at the exact market price.

• You only pay the purchase price and a fixed handling fee

• Ideal when energy prices are stable and low, or when prices are expected to fall.

PRICE: Variable

HANDLING FEE: 5 € / month


Flat Rate: tailor-made for your holiday home

If you only use your Spanish property for holidays, then our Flat Rate could be the perfect solution for you.

You pay a fixed rate every month, regardless of your usage and no matter how much time you or your family spend at your Spanish home.

Your Flat Rate is calculated on the basis of your previous usage, which places you in a certain price group, while allowing for fluctuations in usage. You can use as much as you want within the group you have chosen.


• Tailor-made for holiday homes

• Fixed rate regardless of usage

• Unchanging monthly bills

• Ideal for your Spanish holiday home, if you want to keep your energy bills at a constant amount.


PRICE (yearly cons./monthly price)*

TARIF 2.0 
0-1.500          kWh – 15€
1.501-3.000   kWh – 30€
3.001-6.000   kWh – 60€
6.001-9.000   kWh – 90€
9.001-12.000 kWh – 120€ 

0-1.500          kWh – 20€
1.501-3.000   kWh – 40€
3.001-6.000   kWh – 70€
6.001-9.000   kWh – 100€
9.001-12.000 kWh – 135€

PRICE (yearly cons./monthly price)*
 * All prices given are excl. taxes and VAT, as well as metering charges and charges related to your contracted power (potencia)

Should your usage exceed 12,000 kWh, please get in touch with us and we will calculate a personal rate for you based on your usage over the last year.

Fixed Rates: Fixed Rate is for those of you who like to rest easy at night.

With Fixed Rate, the cost of your energy is locked in at a set rate, so you always pay the same price per kWh over an extended period of time.

It makes good sense to get a fixed rate when energy prices are at a real low, or if it looks like energy prices are set to rise.

Fixed Rate means no fluctuations in your energy bill, so you don’t need to worry about having to keep an eye on the energy market.


• Gives you financial peace of mind

• Fixes your price per kWh when prices are low

• Energy prices may rise – but the price you pay will stay the same

• Ideal when prices are low and right before expected price increases

PRICE: 0,143088 €/kWh*

HANDLING FEE: 0€ / month

*The price is based on the Tarif 2.0A

If you would like to know the price for another tariff, please call us or CONTACT US  for a FREE QUOTE  and start saving money immediately.