01. Mr Happy5th September 2012

Whenever this airport becomes fully operational or should I say IF it ever becomes fully operational.....which Airline do you think will be "brave" enough to make the first commercial flight?....answers on the usual postcard please.
My money would be on Ryanair.

02. cfh4th September 2012

How do they reconcile the comments regarding further calibration flights with the statement last May:

"The Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Sevilla, announced today (03May2012) that they have completed test flights at Corvera airport...The test flights are used for calibration purposes and also include carrying out various manoeuvres to ensure that aircraft will be able to fly safely, once the airport is operational"

Possibly the previous ones were not successful, and hence are having to be repeated?


Ed's Note. It's quite normal to carry out multiple Tests on a new airport. I think we should be more worried if they didn't !

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