Discover Cieza at your leisure

The Tourist Office will be happy to arrange visits for groups at any time of the year.

Cieza offers river rafting throughout the year, particularly during the hotter months of summer and is also extremely popular with cyclists and walkers throughout the year.

The area also has important prehistoric remains, the best known of these being the Cueva Serreta, which can only be visited with a guide.

The other attraction in the town is the abandoned Moorish town of Medina Sîyasa, high above the modern town. This can be seen from outside through the fencing which surrounds it, or visited in the company of a guide. A museum dedicated to the site is located in the town and is well worth a visit.

Throughout the year Cieza holds regular artisan markets, and celebrates a broad calendar of events and fiestas, including the Fiestas of the Escudo which fill the town with Mediaeval colour.

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