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AledoAledo is an attractive hilltop fortified town, located in a strategic position, 800 metres up in the Sierra Espuña, a town with a rich history due to the ròle played in battles for supremacy between the Moors and Christian knights.

The Order of Santiago built the imposing Torre del Homenaje,  and fortified walls  enclose the houses, creating a feeling of history and intimacy in the narrow streets. La Picota, the only remaining pillory in the Region of Murcia, adds to an atmosphere of history and military might.

Aledo is a location of geological interest, the rocks on which it is built revealing a fascinating story of groaning giants locked in a titanic struggle which resulted in the creation of the mountains in this region, 20 million years of history Aledobeneath the feet of visitors to this town.

The majority of the population are involved in agricultural activity, although the town of around 1000 inhabitants is slowly increasing as a rural tourism destination, its proximity to the Sierra Espuña attracting a steadily increasing number of visitors, walkers and cyclists, as well as International residents.

Aledo is also host to the important Auto de los Reyes Magos in January, and the Agonía of Christ, both historical plays Aledoperformed in the town during the Fiesta calendar, as well as enjoying its Fiestas in honour of San Agustín and Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and a renowned Semana Santa. The Iglesia de Santa María Real also houses two sculptures by Baroque Master, Francisco Salzillo.

Where is Aledo?

Aledo belongs to the Comarca of the bajo Guadalentín and borders to the North, South and east with Totana and with AledoLorca to the West.

Its height of 800 metres above sea level makes Aledo proen to to frost and snow in the winter, and the air is noticeably cooler here than areas further inland.

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