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Hospitals, Region of MurciaAll major hospitals have A&E Emergency Departments Listed below are all the public hospitals in the Region of Murcia which have full Emergency services cover, plus two of the more widely used private hospitals, to which expats are often referred for tests..

Weekly Markets in central Murcia Regular markets in the central areas of Murcia City Not all weekly markets are set in stone, and if they coincide with public holidays they may be cancelled or postponed. In addition, days can change, so if you're not sure a call to the relevant tourist..

The Order of Santiago in Murcia The Order of Santiago (1243-1856) Santiago is the Patron Saint of Spain, and is known as Saint James in English. The Order of Santiago is associated with a red cross, its tail displayed as a sword, the heraldic term for this being a fleury fitchy, and a..

The Fajardos, Marqueses de Los VélezThe Marqueses de los Vélez, the Fajardos, a name frequently seen in the Region of Murcia The names of Vélez and Fajardo are frequently seen throughout the Region of Murcia, linked with castles, Murcia Cathedral, the history of various..

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