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Murcia International Airport, AIRM Corvera

Corvera International airport articlesCorvera International Airport is now unlikely to open before 2016

Financing has dogged the development of this structure, the concessionary, Aeromur,  encountering financial issues during the infancy of the original construction, which co-incided with the downturn in the housing construction sector. Adamant that the airport was necessary to enable Murcia to develop a long-term, sustainable tourism industry, the regional government agreed to guarantee a 200 million euro bank loan to ensure that the construction was competed and the airport could open.

Although initially the intention had been for Corvera to run parallel with San Javier, the economic downturn lead to a significant reduction in passenger numbers at San Javier and the decision was taken to close San Javier completely for civilian use and transfer Aena  operations to Corvera, thus creating the unique situation in which state-operated Aena would run a privately owned airport.

Sacyr Vallehermoso is the major shareholder in Aeromur, the concessionary of Corvera airport, owning 60% of the shares.

The remaining capital of the airport is owned by Cajamurcia, Caja Mediterráneo, Grupo Fuertes, Grupo Monthisa, Inocsa Ingeniería and Cementos La Cruz, each with a 6.7% participation.

However, the plan has been thwarted by not only a series of technical problems, including the alignment of the runways, the proximity of the airport to working military airbases and military airspace, and the failure to obtain essential pieces of paperwork from Aena to open the installations, but also the refusal of ground staff from San Javier to relocate and to negotiate a financial settlement with Aena to close San Javier and re-open at Corvera.

This was compounded by lack of liquidity and in September 2013 the regional government rescinded the contract with concessionary Aeromur for failing to open the airport. Aeromur responded by attempting to block the rescission in court, and after a tense period of negotiation, the regional government announced that they would be re-appointing the concessionary providing agreement for a financing mechanism could be obtained via Brussels which complied with anti-competitivity laws.

However, in April 2013 President Valcárcel announced his resignation, and incoming President Alberto Garre began his premiership with a completely new team. This means the likelihood of the airport opening in 2014 is minimal, although the new regional minister continues to insist that the new team are working hard to achieve a 2014 opening.

November 2014. No decision has yet been announced by Brussels regarding the legitimacy of the proposed financing mechanism. The regional government is proceeding with the bureaucratic processes required to open the airport and obtain all the necessary licences. Personnel have been contracted to cover security, fire precautions and safety in order to comply with the conditions specified for certification, although it is being freely admitted by the regional minister for infrastructure that other financing options ( a plan B) are being considered as the outstanding loan racks up a rumoured 22,000 euros a day in interest.

December 2014.

EU auditors reported that EU money had been "wasted" by continuing to improve the San Javier installations while building a new airport at Corvera. The EU competition commission said that they would only consider permitting a loan for the further works outstanding, ie 7 million, rather than for the amount already committed, ie 182 million. The regional government gave Aeromur a further deadline by which to find a permnent solution to their financing difficulties. Francisco Bernabé, former Mayor of La Unión and a lawyer by profession, took over the department of imfrastructure at the end of November following the resignation of former minister Manuel Campos when it was revealed that regional president Garre was in negotiations with Aena for them to bid for the concession.

April 2015

The whole process of adjudicating the new concessionary is underway, although realistically there is little expectation that the airport will be able to open until the summer of 2016 due to the complexity of first concluding the legal processes and inventory as the regional government resumes control of the airport. Following this, a new adjudication process will take place, but not until negotiations with Aena to close San Javier have been formally concluded and a written guarantee obtained.

Once this has taken place then the new contract can be prepared for adjudication and bid reviewed. After this the contract will be awarded and the process of closing san Javier and transferrign operations to Corvera can begin.

Where is Corvera International airport?

Click for map, Aeropuerto Internacional de la Región de Murcia

Corvera is located between Fuente Álamo and Murcia, with good links to Cartagena, Murcia, inland and central Murcia and the Mar Menor area.

The airport itself is just outside the main town of Corvera, heading towards Fuente Álamo. There is only one straight road between them , the MU-601 and it is impossible to get lost.

For more general information about Corvera, Click Corvera

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23rd April Murcia government proposes airport closure plan

14th April San Javier passenger numbers fell by 25% during March


30th March San Javier airport cheaper to run than national average

20th March Eight companies interested in dveloping freight shipping operations from Corvera airport

13th March Passenger traffic at San Javier airport cointinues to fall


25th February Tender process at Corvera delayed by outgoing concession holder

19th February San Javier traffic down 81% from 2007

17th February San Javier wins prestigious airport award

13th February President Garre speaks about Corvera in regional assembly

13th February San Javier workers demand a lifeline for the airport

6th February Aeromur initiate two more court claims


30th Google maps confused about Corvera airport location

22nd Agriculturalists collaborate designing Corvera airport logistics area

21st End of an era for Corvera as Aeromur President resigns

16th January San Javier traffic 82% down on 2007 levels

16th January Corvera airport round-up

7th January 2015 begins with Corvera airport very much in the news


December 23rd Corvera airport contract to be put back out to tender

December 23rd Corvera airport contract could be back out to tender after today

December 19th Calibration flights at Corvera airport a success

December 18th Aeromur ask for more time as deadline expires

December 17th: Corvera and San Javier, one airport too many

December 17th National minister supports Murcian government actions

December 16th Regional Government gives Aeromur 24 hours to come up with finances

December 16th San Javier among airports in which EU funding has been wasted

DEcember 14th San Javier suffers major traffic loss in November

December 12th Corvera airport  news round-up for the last week

December 12th Murcian business leaders call for airport to open

December 10th Final calibration flights begin at Corvera airport

December 10th Corvera subject of EU parliament debate

December 6th Corvera airport weekly news round-up

December 3rd San Javier workers oppose transfer to Corvera

November 28th Corvera up in the air again as plot thickens

November 21st Aeromur confident of April 2015 opening for Corvera airport

November 20th Regional Minister stands by April opening for Corvera airport AIRM

November 18th Murcia San Javier continues to lose out to Alicante

November 14th San Javier employees opposed to Corvera airport move

November 8th Murcia govt searches for Corvera Plan B

October 30th Hopes still high for Corvera opening

October 29th Spanish government evades comment over San Javier closure

October 25th, Corvera airport loan decision postponed again

October 17th Work to open Corvera airport continues

October 10th San Javier closure still an impediment to Corvera opening

October 3rd Another spannier in the works for Corvera airport opening

29th August Operation end of summer with no flights in sight for Corvera airport

16th July, Murcian government plans for 2014 opening

16th June, Regional minister believes airport will open in 2014

5th June, Aena still seeking compensation for possible San Javier closure

4th April, EC sows more doubts about Corvera airport

3rd April, President Valcárcel resigns, as new President is named

18th March, Will Corvera get off the ground in 2014?

28th February, Valcárcel reiterates that decision lies with Brussels

10th February, United front over Corvera airport

6th February, Harsh words against regional government over Corvera airport

5th February, Pedro Cruz very satisfied with Corvera deal

5th February, Murcia government working to open airport with former concessionary

3rd February, Former concessionary will open airport

22nd January 2014, EU approval for Corvera bailout must be sought

17th January 2014 Intense behind the scenes activity at Corvera airport

15th January 2014 Pedro Cruz says negotiations are progressing well

10th January 2014 President Valcárcel says negotiations continue


19th December, Murcia government signs loan guarantee paperwork

17th December, Flight slots for 2014 summer schedules allocated for San Javier

12th December Radio interview about Corvera airport

14th November, Corvera news round-up for this week

31st October, latest developments this week at Corvera

23rd October, Minister says government is working to open airport

21st October, Court allow Murcian government to complete inventory

17th October Corvera airport uncertainty continues

15th October Corvera airport opening could be further delayed

10th October Trades unions express serious doubts about airport transfer

19th October Regional budget modified to include Corvera loan

4th October Aena considers San javier closure logical

4th October Aeromur lodge court appeal against loss of contract

3rd October, Valcarcel gets a grilling in the regional assembly over Corvera

2nd October Hearing begins in High Court

1st October, President Valcárcel says San Javier will close

27th September, Regional government criticised over storming of airport

26th September, Valcarcel to meet with Aena on Monday over airport transfer

25th September, Airport taken over by regional government and the Guardia

23rd September, What now for Corvera airport?

20th September, Regional government says plans for Corvera are unaffected by bankruptcy of Aeromur

19th September, Aeromur enters into bankruptcy protection

13th September, Murcia government rescinds Aeromur concession

6th September, Negotiations with Aena are practically concluded

30th August, Legal council report paves the way for Corvera concession to be readjudicated

16th July, Pedro Cruz says clear statement will be made at end of July

11th July, Wrangling continues at Corvera airport

11th June Uncertainty continues at Corvera, Corvera uncertainty

28th May Valcárcel says Aena are willing to take on airport, Aena airport

21st May 2013, Murcian government initiate process to rescind Aeromur concession

16th May 2013, Airport concessionary claims regional governmetn is misleading the public

13th May 2013 Regional government will not give financial assistance to Aeromur

9th May 2013 Antonio Sevilla responds to questions about Corvera airport

15th May 2013 Disagreements continue between Murcian Government and concessionary

17th April. Corvera airport in crisis? Media claim regional government will execute loan guarantee and take over airport

16th April. Opposition politicians demand straight answers. Rumours circulate that the concessionary is not paying the bank loan

23rd March, When is Corvera airport opening? Your reader questions

19th February El País savages Corvera airport, Corvera in the national media

5th February, Regional government confirm Corvera negotiations are still underway, Corvera still in play

31st January, The AIRM will open this year, AIRM to open in 2013

19th January , Murcia President says Corvera airport will be open this year, Click Corvera to open this year

5th January 2013 Paramount Park and Corvera airport latest news


06/11/2012 Sevilla says Corvera and San javier will operate simultaneously, Corvera and San Javier to run parallel

25/10/2012 Aena issues favourable flight results for Corvera , Click Favourable test results Corvera

23/10/2012 President Valcárcel comments on Corvera airport, Valcarcel and the AIRM

01/10/2012  Murcia council extends training period for employees, Click Murcia council

27/09/2012 Aena concludes test flights, Aena concludes flight tests

18/09/2012 Concessionary says the AIRM will open in April 2013, Corvera to open in April 2013

04/09/2012 President says airport will open soon, President says Corvera will open soon

06/09/2012 Corvera concessionary says runways are ok, Corvera airport runways

03/08/2012 Minister says airport may open this autumn, Minister dicusses Corvera

26/07/2012, Aeromur seek 1 year extension on loan, Aeromur seek loan extension

25/07/2012 Aena close bids to build San Javier Duty Free , Aena close bid for San Javier Duty Free

07/07/2012, Secretary of State says Corvera could open this autumn, Secretary of State Corvera airport

04/07/2012 New Spanish airpot tax increases take effect, Spanish airport taxes

04/07/2012, Opposition politicians demand answers to Corvera problems, Opposition politicians Corvera

03/07/2012, Aena plan new duty free shop for San Javier, Aena Duty free shop

28/06/2012, President Valcárcel blames Corvera delays on the PSOE; Valcarcel blames PSOE for Corvera delays

26/06/2012, Aena planning to restructure Spanish airports ( San Javier is viable), Aena restructuring

25/06/2012, Flight paths incompatible with military use, Corvera flight paths

18/06/2012, Government responds to critical interview, Corvera airport interview

15/06/2012, Government says its premature to be discussing opening, Corvera airport opening dates

04/06/2012 Corvera loans must be renegotiated, Corvera loans due for renegotiation

28/04/2012 Corvera flight testing concluded, Corvera airport flight testing

23/04/2012 Corvera will not have AVE link, Corvera airport AVE link

12/04/2012 Corvera employees, how many jobs are there? , Corvera airport staff

04/04/2012 Corvera statement from Minister, Corvera airport, Antonio Sevilla

03/04/2012 Corvera customs point agreed, Corvera airport customs point

02/04/2012 Corvera not operational until summer 2013, Corvera airport to open 2013

22/03/2012 Corvera training programmes out to tender, Corvera airport staff training

16/02/2012 Corvera included in trans-european network, Corvera airport trans european

08/02/2012 Corvera airport, Minister in Regional Assembly, Corvera Airport Regional Assembly

25/01/2012 Regional Minister interviewed ref Corvera, Corvera airport, Ministerial interview

20/01/2012 New boss for Aena, Aena new boss

03/01/2012 Training programme on ice, Corvera training programme

25/11/2011 Director appointed for Corvera, Corvera Airport Director

 02/01/2012 Iberdrola connect Corvera power supply, Iberdrola Corvera power supply


21/11/2011 State agency begin inspection, Corvera airport state inspections

17/11/2011 Formal agreement for San javier transfer signed, Corvera-San Javier transfer signed

07/11/2011 Jet2 announce flights from Corvera, Jet2 will operate from Corvera

04/11/2011 Murcia suspends Corvera training programme, Corvera training suspended

03/11/2011 Is there any progress in Corvera negotiations, Corvera negotiations progress

27/10/2011 Fuente Álamo tender Corvera contracts, Corvera Fuente Alamo training

26/10/2011 Aena complicates San Javier Corvera negotiations, Corvera San Javier and Aena

13/10/2011 Unions say Corvera training should be suspended, Unions Corvera airport training

29/09/2011 San Javier staff to transfer to Corvera, San javier Corvera staff

19/09/2011 San Javier to close, Aena transfer to Corvera

08/09/2011 Aena compensated for San Javier closure, Aena, Corvera San javier

08/09/2011 President Valcárcel to meet Ryanair reference Corvera, Click Valcárcel Ryanair Corvera

05/09/2011 Staff selection not completed, Click 25000 to 500, staff Corvera

30/08/2011 Spanair rep visits Corvera, Spanair Corvera

17/08/2011 Corvera Dorector resigns, Corvera Airport Director resigns

11/08/2011 Corvera airport will be completed this year, Corvera airport construction finished

04/07/2011 Families not yet compensated for land expropriation, Corvera families not paid yet

23/06/2011 Latest photos Corvera airport, Corvera airport photos

13/06/2011 Corvera job training to begin September, Corvera training September

13/06/2011 Corvera, San Javier battle begins, Aena dig in, Corvera San javier Aena

08/06/2011 Corvera construction on schedule, Corvera Airport construction

15/05/2011 No more propaganda visits to Corvera Airport, Propaganda Corvera airport

13/05/2011 Tenders for Corvera training contracts, Corvera training tenders

04/05/2011 Aena will not run Corvera Airport, Aena will not run Corvera

13/04/2011 Increased air traffic projections for Corvera airport, Corvera air traffic projections

24/03/2011 San Javier. Corvera transfer row continues, San Javier Corvera transfer row

23/03/2011 Valcárcel says San javier will close when Corvera opens, San javier will close

03/03/2011, Corvera access roads inaugurated, Corvera access roads

01/03/2011 Refuelling contracts signed, Corvera airport refuelling deal

14/02/2011 Corvera Airport job assessments underway, Corvera airport jobs

01/02/2011 Accusations of irregularities, Corvera airport irregularities

25/01/2011 Corvera airport staff recruitment, Corvera staff recruitment

11/01/2011 Corvera taxi wars begin, Corvera airport taxi war


22/12/2010 Agreement signed for Corvera airport rail link, Corvera airport rail link

27/10/2010 President Valcárcel visits Corvera, Valcárcel Corvera visit

25/10/201 Corvera high speed link a possibility, Corvera AVE link

10/07/2010 Progress at Corvera, progress at Corvera airport

06/07/2010 Chinese delegates inspect Corvera, Chinese delegates Corvera airport

24/06/2010 Will Corvera replace San javier, Corvera- San Javier arguments

05/06/2010 Brussels ruling looks positive, Brussels Corvera ruling looking positive

20/05/2010 Corvera airport project honoured, Corvera airport project honoured

12/05/2010 Corvera airport saga continue, Corvera airport saga continues

30/04/2010 Corvera landowners protest, Corvera airport landowners protest

14/04/2010 Corvera airport phase 2 plans approved, Corvera airport phase 2 approval

22/03/2010, Loan paperwork unsigned, Corvera airport loan guarantee paperwork unsigned

02/03/2010 Corvera loan agreement may breach EU law, Corvera airport loan guarantees may breach EU law

31/01/2010, Sacyr confirm loan agreement is reached, Sacyr confirm Corvera airport loan agreement reached

26/01/2010, First stone laid on Corvera airport access road, Corvera access road stone laying

23/01/2010 Corvera airport opening projected for 2011, Corvera airport opening projiected for 2011


03/1272009 Loan agreement reached, Corvera airport loan agreement reached

27/11/2009 Regional government offer corvera financing lifeline, Corvera airport financial offer

09/11/2009 Subterranean rail link route agreed, Corvera airport rail link agreed

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