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 Eikon by Kraser gives classical sculpture a contemporary make-over in Cartagena
Eikon can be visited in the temporary exhibitions room of the Roman Theatre Museum in Cartagena Kraser brings a contemporary touch to the icons of classical sculpture with this vibrant new exhibition. Cartagena artist..

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Saturday and Sunday guided cultural tours in Cartagena
The most visited museum in the region offers virtual reality tours and family tours The most important historical monument in Cartagena, the Roman Theatre Museum, is offering a number of guided tours and activities celebrating..

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Sundays in November; Virtual reality tours of the Roman Theatre Museum in Cartagena
Special goggles transport visitors to the 1st century BC in the Roman city of Carthago Nova A new project to design and provide virtual reality tours at the Roman Theatre Museum in Cartagena, transporting visitors back to..

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Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum
Where to go in Cartagena, Roman Theatre Museum, Museo Teatro Romano The Roman Theatre Museum is the jewel in the crown of Cartagena, and the most visited museum in the whole of the Murcia Region, a beautifully structured museum..

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