Covid cases Murcia and Spain Tuesday; No new cases and no deaths for Murcia
Only 35 deaths in Spain and 194 new cases nationally Covid numbers remain..

Ryanair announces flights to Spain from 1st July....last week they were cancelling flights to Spain
Last week Thousands of passengers received messages advising them that their..

Spain changes Covid reporting system again and reports 2,000 less dead than yesterday
There were 50 deaths yesterday, maintaining the low levels of last week when..

Foreign tourists can travel to Spain without quarantining from 1st July
At the weekend the Prime Minister announced that Spain would be opening for..

Monday is fourth day in a row without Covid deaths in the Murcia region
Unfortunately, 10 new cases have been reported in the Region of Murcia within..

50 percent capacity for restaurants and bars in the Murcia region from Monday
Phase 2 begins with increased capacity for the hostelry sector The hostelry..

Deaths drop to mid-March levels in Spain on Thursday
48 fatalities in the last 24 hours is the lowest figure since March 16th..

Thursday Covid data for the Murcia Region: now 174 live cases
The Ministry of Health has changed the reporting structure so figures are..

Swimming pools are allowed to open and sea bathing begin in phase 2. In theory that is.
Those who must open the installations and oversee beach bathing can´t see..

Humans can transmit Covid-19 to cats, but not the other way around says Spanish Ministry
The latest report from the Ministry of Health confirms that pet cats cannot..

BOE publishes face masks order; wearing of masks obligatory from Thursday
Masks must be worn in enclosed spaces and public areas in which it is not possible..

Murcian government ready to move into phase 2 next week
The regional government must officially petition the Ministry of Health in..

Three German tourists sent back home after flying to Palma de Mallorca
The two men and one woman were put back on an outward flight after being refused..

13 Spanish airports can receive international flights but NOT tourists
The list has already been amended three times since Saturday! The list..

Sales will be allowed to go ahead in Spain even in phase zero areas
Last week there was considerable confusion over whether sales were allowed..

70 percent of Spain is now in phase one including all three provinces of Valencia
Madrid, Barcelona city and most of Castilla y León remain in phase zero..

45 Totana residents quarantined in a sports centre following six new cases
The close contacts of the 6 new cases have been put in a sports centre..

Alhama de Murcia street market re-opens on Tuesday
Strict hygiene measures will be applied Alhama de Murcia joins the list..

Spain extends entry restrictions for international travellers until June 15th
Non-essential travellers are not permitted to enter On Friday 15th May..

1.4 percent of Murcia population is believed to have contracted Covid-19
This is way below the national average of 5% and accounting for 2 million people..

Around 100,000 workers affected by ERTE extension to June 30th in Murcia region
An estimated 15,000 workers issued with ERTEs returned to work on Monday but..

Cartagena Mayoress will close bars again if residents don´t respect social distancing
She is not alone: other local Mayors are also angry that rules are not being..

Health services obliged to notify Ministry of Health of all suspected cases of Covid-19
Data is being compiled to help identify and track Covid cases On Tuesday..

The Guardia Civil denounces Iberia Air and Air Europa for lack of social distancing on flights
The companies are accused of non-compliance with sanitary measures The Civil..

Spain imposes 14 day quarantine on anyone arriving from abroad
Travellers arriving in Spain will be confined to home other than for essential..

King’s College Murcia provides ongoing online education to over 500 pupils despite the coronavirus lockdown
The rapid response of the school has enabled students to attend virtual..

Post office opening times limited to 3 hours in the morning throughout Spain
Minimal services are being offered for the duration of the coronavirus..

Over 17,000 cases of Covid-19 in Spain by Thursday lunchtime
A rise of over 3,431 cases over the last 24 hours as the death toll rises..

Rules to observe during the coronavirus lockdown period
Phase 1 relaxes the lockdown restrictions but staying at home and maintaining..