Mass vaccination of 65 to 69 year olds in Los Alcázares on Tuesday
Those without appointments who were born between 1952 and 1956 can request..

Almost a quarter of the Murcia population have received first Covid jab
The figures are rising but still lag behind those in other parts of Spain..

Four days without coronavirus fatalities in Murcia
Known active Covid cases fall to 655 in the Region The latest daily..

Six-year-old boy dies from Covid in the Canary Islands
The child was one of two people who died from Coronavirus in the Canary Islands..

New Covid vaccination record set in Spain over the weekend
Almost 800,000 more doses administered and 29 per cent of the population..

Spain holds one minute silence for health workers who have died during the pandemic on Wednesday
Throughout Spain a one minute silence will be observed on International Nurses..

Covid incidence falls in Spain but concerns grow over a possible fifth wave
Experts disapponted by enthusiastic celebrations of the end of the state..

Andalucia begins covid vaccinations for those born in 1965
The Junta de Andalucia is now vaccinating those born in 1965 as it works down..

110,000 fines for failing to obey pandemic restrictions in Murcia since last March
Over half of the offences concern failures to wear facemasks in public..

Pandemic restrictions in Murcia after the end of the state of emergency
No curfew or travel ban but certain measures remain in place in Murcia..

ICU patient numbers up again but incidence rate stable: Murcia Covid update 9th May 2021
No more fatalities reported in the bulletin published on Sunday The..

The six-month pandemic curfew and inter-regional travel ban in Murcia end on Saturday night
The Murcia government grudgingly accepts the end of the national state..

Spanish consumer rights group urges government to drop requirement to wear masks outdoors
Spain’s Organisation for Consumers and Users (OCU) is asking the government..

Spain on UK amber travel list; blow for those who had booked Spanish trips for first week of June
The UK government has announced which countries are on its green, amber and..

 Andalusia details restrictions for after end of the state of alarm on May 9
The Andalusian regional president has announced its de-escalation plan to ease..

Hospital patients and active cases rise minimally but no new fatalities: Murcia Covid update 7th May 2021
67 new cases and one more fatality reported in Murcia on Thursday The..

90-minute delays as large crowds form at Cartagena mass vaccination centre
A long wait in the midday sun as the SMS health service seeks to speed..

UPDATED AND AMENDED: Mass Covid vaccination in Mazarrón on 11th May for 66- to 79-year-olds
Second doses for those in their 70s, first jabs for those in their late..

Spain administers more than half a million vaccines in one day ; a new record
The Spanish authorities push hard to accelerate the covid vaccine programme..

 7,960 new cases and 160 deaths across Spain in last 24 hours: May 6 Covid update
Spain’s pandemic continues its decline, according to the latest government..

ICU patient numbers rising slowly but the incidence rate is stable: Murcia Covid update 6th May 2021
70 new cases and one more fatality reported in Murcia on Thursday The..

Lowest number of active Covid cases since last summer: Alicante Covid update May 6
The Valencia region (Alicante, Valencia and Castellón provinces) continues..

Andalusia begins vaccinating 2,000 Algeciras port workers to halt spread of Indian variant
Andalusia will vaccinate workers at Algeciras Port to prevent to spread of..

Covid vaccination of 50- to 59-year-olds beginning in the Region of Murcia
Ministry statistics report that progress in immunizing the population is..

11.4 per cent of residents in Spain are now fully vaccinated
Spanish residents aged between 50 and 59 could soon receive the Janssen vaccine..

6,317 new covid cases and 167 deaths across Spain in last 24 hours: May 5 Covid update
Spain’s pandemic continues its decline, according to the latest government..

Covid update in Murcia on Wednesday: only 66 new cases but more patients in ICUs and another fatality
The 5th May update reports a testing positivity rate of 2 per cent The..

Andalusia locals aged between 57 and 59 can now request a Covid vaccine appointment
Those aged between 57 to 59 are being encouraged to book their vaccine appointment..

10 cases of Indian variant confirmed in Spain with a further 17 suspected infections
The European Commission has announced emergency funding for India and Spain..

Spanish government Decree opens path for regions to extend anti-pandemic measures through Supreme Court
The Murcia government is amongst those which has lobbied for the power..

More than a quarter of Spanish residents have received at least one dose of Covid vaccine
More than a quarter, 26.1 per cent, of residents in Spain have now received..

Pandemic continues slow decline across Spain with 4,515 new cases and 106 deaths:  May 4 covid update
Spain’s pandemic has continued its decline according to the latest government..

Murcia government intends to maintain perimetral closure until over-60s are vaccinated
The Murcia president says the lifting of restrictions should depend on..

Pandemic stable in Murcia: 109 new cases and 1 further fatality in the 4th May update
78 of the latest cases are reported in the municipalities of Murcia and..

Nearly 1 million Covid sanctions could be cancelled say legal experts
Spanish legal experts have warned that nearly 1 million fines handed out for..

Covid incidence rate in Spain continues to fall with 16,353 new infections and 77 deaths over the weekend
Spain’s coronavirus rates continue to fall with the authorities reporting..

Uncertainty over Covid restrictions next week as the state of emergency ends in Spain on Saturday
The Murcia government is seeking ways to prolong the ban on inter-regional..

Almost all over-70s in Murcia have received their first Covid vaccine jab
Those who have not been given an appointment should contact the health..

Government confirms Spanish soldier died of AstraZenca-related thrombosis
The Spanish government has confirmed that a 35-year-old soldier who died..

New case of Indian Covid variant confirmed in Extremadura following outbreak on boat in Vigo
Following the largescale Covid crisis in India, thought to be driven by the..

Janssen Covid vaccine to be administered to under-70s in the Region of Murcia
The first jabs of the single dose vaccine were administered on Wednesday..

Costa Calida Covid insurance scheme hopes to boost tourism prospects
The initiative covers extra costs incurred by anyone who contracts Covid..

Spain sending seven tons of medical aid to India
Travellers entering Spain from India must quarantine from Wednesday April..

Spain modifies new facemask rules to allow exceptions at beaches and swimming pools
Masks must be worn to walk along the beach but can be removed for swimming..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Just 13 new Covid cases confirmed in Murcia on Sunday
The vaccination campaign in Murcia has reached over 80 per cent of those..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Portugal re-opens border with Spain on Saturday
This measure is part of the last phase of the the Portugese deconfinement..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain reaches record Covid vaccination level but the incidence rate remains at 230
Almost a quarter of the population have received at least one Covid vaccine..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 67 new Covid cases in Murcia and the first fatality in four days; Covid update April 29
The number of active cases dropped on Thursday to 722 The latest coronavirus..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Another slight drop in the Covid incidence rate in Spain and 88 more fatalities: Covid update April 28
7 regions still at “extreme risk” as the end of the state of emergency..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Third successive day in Murcia with no Covid-related fatalities
Over 20 per cent of the population of the Region have received at least..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Double delivery of vaccines in Spain this week; four million doses
Spain has now administered more than 15 million doses of vaccines The..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Andalusians celebrate as regional government opens provincial borders
The movement restrictions between the eight provinces of Andalusia are..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence rate in Spain drops slightly but 117 more deaths reported
6 of the 17 regions of Spain remain above the extreme risk threshold..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Active Covid case numbers in Murcia rise again but no fatalities in the last 48 hours
Incidence rates in Murcia are still among the lowest in Spain Optimism..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Almost a quarter of Spanish residents have been given at least one dose of Covid vaccine
It is four months now since the vaccination campaign began in Spain, and..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Waiting times for non-Covid medical consultations reach 4 months in Murcia
The pandemic has brought about an 81 per cent rise in average waiting times..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Active Covid cases rising slowly again in Murcia although hospital patient numbers remain low
Covid update as of Sunday April 25 2020. Another fatality takes the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Health backtracks after anger over centralization of Covid vaccination in Murcia at 8 major centres
Complaints from angry mayors seem to have prompted a rapid back-peddling..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spanish public debt reaches another new record high
A rise of 13.8 per cent in 12 months pushes debt up to 120 per cent of..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Second chance to be vaccinated for those in Murcia who turned down the first opportunity
Image: Ayto-Totana A freephone service is in place to provide vaccination..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Bar and restaurant opening hours extended to 10 pm in the region of Valencia as restrictions ease
The Comunidad Valenciana begins to relax restrictions which have contributed..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Slight rise in Covid incidence rate across Spain with 10,814 new cases and 132 further fatalities
Catalunya re-enters the extreme risk zone along with 6 other regions..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Valencia and the Balearics want free PCR tests for international tourists this summer and safe corridors
The regional governments fear that non-vaccinated tourists could be deterred..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Active Covid cases in Murcia rise to 619 but the positivity rate of testing remains low
One more fatality takes the Murcia coronavirus death toll up to 1,588..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spanish Health Ministry rejects option of voluntary vaccination with AstraZeneca for under-60s
Spanish residents under 60 will have no choice but to wait their turn and..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Sharing is caring: Spain to send Covid vaccines on to Latin America
The Spanish and French governments have both committed to doing their bit..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 95 per cent of local medical centres will re-open in the Cartagena Health Area within the next few days
Adaptations are being made to centres as normality gradually returns to..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - First Janssen coronavirus vaccine doses arrive in the Region of Murcia
The single-dose vaccine will help to accelerate the immunization of those..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid situation in Murcia region remains stable: Covid update April 21
One further fatality takes the Murcia coronavirus death toll up to 1,588..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Janssen vaccines on their way to the Spanish regions following EMA go-ahead
Spain’s first 146,000 doses of the new coronavirus vaccine had been sitting..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain to test safety of Pfizer as second Covid jab for patients having received one dose of AstraZeneca
Many under-60s in Spain have received one AstraZeneca dose but are no longer..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Man suffers heart attack while awaiting coronavirus vaccination in Murcia
The condition of the patient is described as stable in the Arrixaca hospital..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain will maintain the recommended time interval between first and second Covid vaccine doses
The gap between jabs remains at 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Huelva province on alert for Brazilian strain of Covid due to outbreak among sheep shearers
The Andalusian and Spanish authorities have been informed of an outbreak..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Full-time schooling returns to infant and primary education in Murcia
Pupils will attend class five days a week for the last two months of the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Gap between Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses could be widened to 8 weeks in Spain
The Spanish government proposes another modification of vaccination policy..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spanish health insurance companies to collaborate in speeding up Covid vaccination campaign
Vaccine deliveries are expected to rise to 3.5 million doses per week during..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> -  One-third of Covid patients in Spain who were put on ventilators didn’t survive during first wave
The death rate among Covid-19 patients in Spain who required ventilation..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid rate in Murcia ten times lower than in Madrid; Covid update April 19
More than half of the municipalities in the Murcia region are below the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Region of Murcia Covid restrictions April 21 to 27
Puerto Lumbreras is the only municipality confined during this period..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia changes to phone notification of Covid vaccination appointments as region plays vaccination catch-up
Faulty SMS messages help to relegate Murcia to the bottom of the vaccination..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spanish regions fear pandemic restriction chaos as the end of the state of emergency approaches
Regional governments believe their powers to restrict travel will be limited..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain to implement EU Covid passport scheme during June in bid to boost tourism
The “green certificate” scheme will be introduced with only 30 per..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia reports 82 more Covid positives as the number of active cases rises slightly: Covid update April 15
Another fatality takes the Covid death toll in Murcia to 1,582 The expected..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Slow rise in Spanish infection rate continues as Covid claims 126 more lives: Covid update April 15
The fourth wave is growing at a far slower rate than the surge in contagion..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain fast approaching milestone of 12 million vaccinations
The vaccination rate is picking up in Spain, and by Thursday (15 April)..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Mass vaccination of Mar Menor residents continues
Next week the campaign will focus on those aged 70-74 for Pfizer vaccinations..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia reports 58 more Covid positives but the number of active cases drops
Two more fatalities take the Covid death toll in Murcia to 1,581 While..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence rate in Spain tops 200 for the first time since February
131 more fatalities as the fourth wave of infection continues to put pressure..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Region of Murcia Covid restrictions April 14 to 20
Puerto Lumbreras is the only municipality confined during this period..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia reports 116 more Covid cases but no further fatalities: Update April 13
The increase in infection rates in Murcia remains a very gradual one..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 100 more deaths as the coronavirus incidence rate across Spain dips slightly: Update April 13
The latest figures are distorted by a lack of new data from the region..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Pfizer vaccine drastically reduces Covid deaths in care homes, Catalonian study finds
The study, published in the scientific journal The Lancet, was the world..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia vaccination campaign continues with 75-79 and 65-69 age groups
The Murcia health service anticipates 60,000 more jabs this week despite..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - American health authorities put Janssen vaccine on hold due to blood clots
300,000 doses of the vaccine, which the EMA authorised last month, were due..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spanish Covid immunization program hit again by AstraZeneca delivery failures
Under-supply makes it impossible for health authorities to schedule their..