Eight deaths in the last 24 hours as fatalities reach 300 in the Murcia Region on Tuesday
Hospitalisations continue to increase with more than 10,000 ACTIVE CASES..

Police controls intensified in Murcia to impose curfew
Throughout Murcia the curfew becomes active from 23:00 and remains in place..

Basque Country becomes fifth Spanish region to lock down as the second wave hits hard
A ban on movement between municipalities is in force throughout the Basque..

Asturias imposes ban on entering and leaving the region
Similar measures in 5 northern regions as the second-wave Covid infections..

52,188 new cases of Covid in Spain over the weekend
The accumulated incidence rate has increased to 410 per 100,000 As if..

 Pressure on hospitals starts to increase as covid numbers rise on Monday
On Monday 563 new cases and three deaths were reported 563 new covid..

Row on Madrid Metro; My uncle has just died from Covid; put your mask on!
There has been so much aggression and anger during the course of this pandemic..

Aragon decrees a perimeter confinement of the entire Region
The measure takes effect at midnight on Monday The President of the..

Additional measures and restrictions for the Murcia Region during the state of alert
Exceptional measures to be applied in the Region Murcia due to the increase..

Surge in hospitalisations, 704 new cases and 4 deaths; Murcia covid Sunday 25th
Hospitalisations increased by 20 further patients On Sunday Spain moved..

Murcian regional president supports state of emergency and curfew measures
Fernando López Miras has issued an institutional statement supporting..

Spanish Government approves new state of emergency and curfew
The measures include curfew and social restrictions but give greater powers..

924 new covid cases in Murcia and 4 deaths in 24 hours: Saturday 24th October Murcia Region
The region now has more than 10,000 active cases. One of the deceased..

Castilla y León applies 14 day curfew from Saturday onwards
Hospital visits are suspended in all hospitals and patients must attend..

Andalusia orders the perimeter closure of Granada and its metropolitan area as of Monday
A curfew will be in place between 11pm and 6am The Official Gazette..

Catalonia reports 6,073 cases and 48 deaths in the last 24 hours
Catalan government planning nocturnal curfew Coronavirus infections..

Spain heads rapidly towards a second declaration of state of emergency
The autonomous regions of the Basque Country, Catalonia, Asturias, Navarra..

  Covid cases in Spain increase by 19,851 and deaths by 231 in 24 hours
It’s becoming increasingly likely that the Government will announce a..

775 cases and six deaths; Record number of new cases for Murcia Region in the last 24 hours
There are now 9,670 active cases across the region The last few days..

Murcia government seeks judicial approval for curfew
The Murcian regional Government would like to impose a curfew between 11pm..

The Valencia Region declares a curfew between midnight and six in the morning until December 9th
This will affect the Alicante, Valencia and Castellón provinces Following..

 Basque Country recommends limited mobility in 25 municipalities with a high incidence of Covid
The judiciary has prevented the regional government from imposing movement..

20,986 cases of Coronavirus in Spain on Thursday 22nd; a new record
For the second day in a row, Spain breaks its record for covid-19 cases..

Madrid closes bars and restricts gatherings between midnight and 06:00
The measures announced to replace the state of emergency also impose mobility..

Balearic Islands prohibit consumption at the bar in Mallorca and Ibiza
Capacity in gyms and numbers of guests at weddings and social gatherings in..

Jet2 resume flights to the Canary Islands as UK Govt. removes quarantine restriction
The Foreign office has confirmed that the Canary islands are now exempt..

Plan to enforce curfew across Spain rejected
The Interterritorial Council decided to study the legal implications in depth..

Germany and the UK create safe travel corridors to the Canary Islands
The level of covid cases has dropped sufficiently for the Canaries to once..

Covid fatalities in Spain believed to be nearer 58,000 then the official 34,000 reported
The figure is 23,000 higher than the number of deaths officially attributed..

2020 Barcelona Marathon to go ahead in virtual format and free of charge due to Covid
Athletes from anywhere in the world are invited to complete the distance..

689 new cases and three deaths in 24 hours; Murcia covid update 22nd October
Hospitalisations have yet again reached a record level Yesterday, just..

 Longest-ingressed ICU covid patient in Spain dies a month after leaving hospital
Ángel Mateos spent 172 days in intensive care with covid but has died a month..

Valencia town reintroduces the Peseta to boost sales in local shops
1.6 billion euros’ worth of pesetas must be exchanged by the end of the year..

50 per cent rent cut for businesses closed by coronavirus restrictions; Catalan Government passes new law
Bars and restaurants benefit as proportional reductions apply to partial closures..

  Spain passes the 1 million coronavirus cases mark on October 21st
Spain has now diagnosed 1,005,295 cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic began..

Spanish cabinet approves the purchase of 31 million coronavirus vaccine doses
Two AstraZeneca doses per patient at a total cost of 5.90 euros Approval..

Los Alcazares launches covid awareness campaign on street crossings
The municipality has reported 13 new cases in the last 24 hours and sees..

 Catalan hospital prohibits visitors and those accompanying patients
No companions will be allowed to accompany patients attending appointments..

The La Rioja region announces 15 day confinement of the region
Entry to and departure from the region will be restricted The La Rioja..

Transport restrictions prolonged for a further month in Murcia Region
The same restrictions as were originally published in the BORM on 19th..

New covid restrictions take force in Murcia Region from Wednesday
These affect: Abanilla, Alhama de Murcia, Archena, Beniel, Cieza, Fortuna..

671 new cases and 2 deaths ; Covid Murcia Region 21st October
Hospitalisations reach another record high The regional department of..

Aragón confines Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel from Thursday
On Monday the region enters level 3 On Wednesday, the president of Aragon..

Mercadona drastically reduces price of disposable masks
Mask wars are raging in retail stores as millions are used every week across..

 Galicia bans gatherings of over 5 people from Thursday
Anti-pandemic measures strengthened as case numbers continue to rise..

Spanish government considering night-time curfew to combat coronavirus
20 million people in France are already confined to their homes from 9..

13,873 cases of coronavirus and 218 deaths in Spain on Tuesday 20th October
Spain has now reported 988,322 cases and is likely to pass the million..

389 new cases and 5 deaths; Region of Murcia Covid Tuesday 20th October
The number of patients hospitalised passes 400, another record for the..

More respirators make Murcia health service better able to fight against Covid
Costa Cálida hospitals are far better prepared to deal with the second..

Zara to close in Cartagena
The fashion chain seeks to optimize online sales as coronavirus contributes..

Granada municipality issues ban on Halloween parties and Trick n Treating due to Covid
This situation is likely to be repeated all over Spain as we head towards..

Region of Navarra re-imposes lockdown as second wave of coronavirus hits hard
Bars and restaurants in the northern region are closed for a fortnight..

Increase of 37,889 Covid cases in Spain between Friday and Monday
The percentage of hospital beds occupied by covid patients across Spain..

Lorca and Jumilla leave perimeter confinement but more areas face restricted capacity in bars and restaurants
Totana, Fortuna and Abanilla will remain in flexibilised phase 1 confinement..

Five deaths, active cases over 9,000 in Murcia Region; Coronavirus update Monday 19th October
Covid hospitalisations reach record level in the Murcia Region The number..

Mazarron police issued 21 denuncias for illegal drinking gatherings on Saturday evening
Young people continue to disregard the measures introduced to limit the..

Mula police break up meal attended by more than 40 people
The participants had driven from all over the region to vote in Bolivian elections..

56,000 Spanish flags in Murcia city to highlight Covid dead in Spain
Similair protests have taken place in Madrid, Valencia and Seville ANVAC..

Travel between UK and Spain may not require 14 day quarantine for much longer
UK taskforce to examine the possibility of introducing covid testing instead..

Annual flu vaccination campaign begins on Tuesday in the Murcia Region
This year 370,000 doses have been purchased and the health authority hopes..

Three Kings parades start to fall; Seville confirms cancellation of the grand cabalgata
Semana Santa and the huge April Feria are also under threat for 2021..

Spanish Government extends closure of Schengen border until October 31st
A dozen countries are exempt from the order as well as EU member states..

 Spanish government passes law establishing basis for remote working or working from home
The BOE published the text on Wednesday and the law will come into force..

Águilas announces cancellation of 2021 Carnival due to coronavirus
The Mayoress said it was “the hardest decision she had ever been forced to..

Hacienda Riqueleme golf course to close this winter due to covid
GNK blames the cancellation of flights and travel restrictions GNK golf..

Flu vaccination in Spain brought forward to first half of October
The Minister for Health, Salvador Illa, said the campaign will start in the..

Masks must be worn in public areas when travelling to Spain
A few helpful hints for visitors travelling to Spain this summer and..

Post office opening times limited to 3 hours in the morning throughout Spain
Minimal services are being offered for the duration of the coronavirus..

Over 17,000 cases of Covid-19 in Spain by Thursday lunchtime
A rise of over 3,431 cases over the last 24 hours as the death toll rises..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Extraordinary session of Spanish cabinet called for Sunday; state of emergency declaration anticipated
On Saturday the Region of Valencia added its petition to those of eight..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Just under 75,000 new covid cases in Spain this week; Friday 16th October
On Friday 16th the Ministry reported 15,186 new cases in a 24 hour period..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 2931 new cases and 26 deaths in Murcia this week; Friday 16th October
Murcia Covid: On Friday 18th September the Murcia region had 7097 active..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 385 new Covid cases, 4 deaths; Murcia Saturday 9th October
385 new Coronavirus cases were reported in the Region of Murcia on Saturday..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 393 new cases of coronavirus and 3 deaths; Region of Murcia Friday 9th October
Active cases now exceed 8,500 The health service of the Region of Murcia..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spanish Government approves state of alarm and imposes the closure of Madrid
After a month of wrangling and disagreement the national Government has..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> -  Coronavirus cases in Spain rise by 12,423 on Thursday with 126 deaths
ICU occupancy by patients with covid-19 increases to 18% The Spanish..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Lorca, Jumilla and Totana will remain in phase 1 flexibilised confinement for a further week
On Thursday 444 new cases and 2 deaths were reported in the Murcia Region..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 489 new cases of coronavirus and 2 fatalities; Region of Murcia 7th October
The number of patients in intensive care decreased by 12. Exactly the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 11,990 new coronavirus cases and 261 deaths; Tuesday 6th October
Click to see source data The Spanish Ministry of Health has reported an..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> -  First day without covid deaths in Murcia region for nearly a month
The number of hospitalisations however, has increased The slowdown in..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Three out of four Spaniards are buying more in local shops than a year ago
Covid has impacted on the way we shop and we are now valuing local businesses..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid round-up Region of Murcia Monday 5th October
Lorca, Totana and Jumilla will remain in confinement for a further week...

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Zaragoza and Huesca in Aragon going back to phase 2 as preventative covid measure
The regional government is concerned about the forthcoming holidays around..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Palencia and León to be confined from Tuesday applying Spanish health ministry structure
The measures to be applied will be the same as those for Madrid last week..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 53,000 flags on a Valencia beach to honour the victims of coronavirus in Spain
However, the gesture was hijacked by those with opposing political views and..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 401 new cases, 1 fatality: Murcia Region Covid 3rd October
Image; Disinfection work in Totana On Saturday the Murcia regional health..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid cases in Spain increase by 11,325; Friday 2nd October
There are, however,signs of a certain stabilisation On Friday 25th September..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> -   414 new cases, 3 deaths; Murcia Region coronavirus October 2nd
This week there has been a marked slowdown in the number of new cases..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 406 new cases and two deaths: Murcia Region Covid 1st October
40 percent of those diagnosed within the last two weeks are aged under..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - IMF says Spain will not return to pre-pandemic levels of activity until 2023
Spain will suffer the worst effects amongst the advanced economies The..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Madrid ordered to confine as central Government imposes controversial order
The Government has decided to impose a confinement order, ignoring the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Auto-Covid enters service in Cartagena
The new Auto-Covid system has been opened at the Rosell Hospital The challenge..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 3 deaths and 352 new covid cases; Murcia Wednesday 30th
The total number of active cases is now 8,058 For the second time this..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spanish Health Ministry and Madrid agree covid restrictions which can be applied nationally
All cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants would adopt the same restrictions..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid cases in Spain increase by 9906; Tuesday 29th September
The total number of cases diagnosed to date in Spain is 758,172 The..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 31 year old amongst 3 covid deaths; Murcia Tuesday 29th September
The number of cases reported today is below 200 Spokesman for the regional..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid deaths officially pass the 1 million mark worldwide
Six months that changed the world as we know it Deaths from COVID-19..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Number of covid cases in Spain rises by 31,785 across the weekend
The total number of cases in Spain now stands at 748,266 and 31,411 deaths..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - 414 new cases and 2 deaths in 24 hours; Murcia covid Monday 28th September
The total number given the all-clear now exceeds the total number of active..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Totana confined again as covid cases soar
Lorca and Jumilla will remain in the same flexibilised confinement for another..