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How to book an appointment for a Covid vaccine or booster shot in Spain
Here are instructions for making an appointment to get vaccinated against coronavirus..

The real cost of Covid that we will be paying for hundreds of years
Protective equipment has generated thousands of tonnes of additional waste..

Book a Covid vaccine or booster appointment in Murcia
These are the steps you have to take to get a vaccination appointment for a..

How to renew a Covid passport in Murcia
The Region of Murcia has given residents the option to easily renew their certificate..

How to obtain a Covid passport in Murcia
Residents in the Region of Murcia can now download their passes online..

Delta variant R number was around 1.1: Omicron is estimated to be between 3-5
The latest indication from experts reveals the new strain is up to five times..

Covid restrictions according to risk level in the Region of Murcia
A guide of the different risk levels in the Region of Murcia and the corresponding..

How to get a Covid passport
Covid passports are being issued by health departments in each individual..

Further six deaths in Valencia region: Covid Update July 27
1,876 daily infections and 2,158 recoveries across the region's three provinces..

Flu infections shoot up in Spain days before Easter holidays
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - This is the first time since Christmas that the virus has..

Face masks no longer mandatory in Alicante or the wider Valencian Community
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Starting January 31, masks won’t be needed in Alicante..

Take them back off again: Face masks will stop being mandatory in Murcia hospitals this week
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Masks will cease to be compulsory in health centres in the..

Return of the mask: Spain reintroduces anti-Covid measure after worrying surge in infections
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Facemasks will be mandatory in all hospitals and health..

Murcia makes flu and Covid jabs available on request to everyone
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - As of this Friday, all Murcia residents can get vaccinated..

Hospitals run out of beds as flu epidemic sweeps Spain
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Masks are once again mandatory in hospitals and health centres..

Covid, flu and bronchiolitis kept at bay by high temperatures in Spain
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Now that the Spanish winter is setting in, health experts..

Smokers in the Region of Murcia included in flu jab priority groups
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The autumn/winter vaccination campaign kicks off across..

Andalusia to begin vaccinating against Covid and flu this October
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Ministry of Health has explained that it is waiting..

Covid infections skyrocket in Spain and Europe
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Sales of antigen tests in pharmacies across Spain have increased..

Covid and flu vaccination campaign set to begin in the Valencian Community next month
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Health centres in Valencia will begin offering the combined..

Masks no longer mandatory in hospitals and pharmacies in Spain
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The measure will be approved by the Council of Ministers..

WHO ends Covid-19 global health emergency after more than 3 years
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The World Health Organisation has reminded people that the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Could the days be numbered for mandatory masks in Spanish pharmacies and hospitals?
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Many health experts in Spain agree that mask-wearing in..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Intensive care occupancy drops to zero: Murcia Covid update March 28
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - There are currently just 10 people hospitalised with coronavirus..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Slight upswing in intensive care pressure: Spain Covid update Mar 27
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - ICUs in Spain are currently at 1% of capacity although the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Incidence rate climbs slightly as hospitalisations fall: Murcia Covid update Mar 21
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Region of Murcia still has the second-lowest cumulative..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospital pressure drops to lowest level of the pandemic: Spain Covid update Mar 20
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - ICU and general hospital occupancy is considered controlled..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Remembering Covid-19: Aguilas commemorates 3 years of the Spanish State of Alarm
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - In an official act today, Águilas commemorated the third..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia now has the lowest incidence rate in Spain: Covid update March 14
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - No new Covid-related fatalities were registered in the Region..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Three years on from the first confinement: Spain Covid update March 14
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The first state of alarm and coronavirus lockdown were announced..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Only one Covid death registered in Murcia this week: pandemic update Mar 7
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - This brings the total number of fatalities in the Murcia..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospital admissions drop by a further 3 per cent: Spain Covid update Mar 6
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The number of people being treated in intensive care in..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Intensive care units empty: Murcia Covid update Feb 28
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - ICU wards across the Murcia Region are empty of Covid patients..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence rate and hospital admissions climb again: Spain pandemic update Feb 27
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The number of people hospitalised for coronavirus in Spain..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence plummets almost 11 points: Murcia pandemic update Feb 21
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - This important coronavirus indicator is now 17 points below..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Intensive care pressure continues to fluctuate: Murcia Covid update February 14
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The coronavirus incidence rate in the Region of Murcia has..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Slight upswing in Covid incidence rate: Spain pandemic update Feb 13
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Despite a minor increase, the health situation remains stable..

Where do you still have to wear a face mask in Spain 2023?
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - You no longer have to wear a mask on public transport in..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospital admissions drop once more in Murcia: Covid update Feb 7
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Medical experts in Murcia believe the Region has reached..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospitalisations drop for sixth consecutive week: Spain Covid update Feb 6
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The number of Covid patients in intensive care in Spain..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Masks will no longer be mandatory in opticians or orthopaedics in Spain
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The requirement of facemasks on public transport will also..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia Covid rate continues to drop: pandemic update Jan 31
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The incidence rate in the Murcia Region has plummeted well..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence drops to lowest level of entire pandemic: Spain update Jan 30
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Less than 2% of Intensive Care beds in Spain are occupied..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain says adios to masks on public transport on Feb 7
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - From next month, masks will no longer have to be worn on..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain opens up fourth Covid jab to everyone under 60
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The coronavirus vaccine has also been approved for children..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Drop in Covid infections and other respiratory illnesses eases hospital pressure in Murcia
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Murcia hospitals are almost out of the woods, with previously..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - The end is in sight for masks on public transport in Spain
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Ministry of Health in Spain plans to remove the Covid..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Pandemic curve flattens out once more: Murcia Covid update January 17
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - After shooting up last week, hospitalisations and the incidence..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Andalusia registers its first case of Covid-19 Kraken variant
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Health Minister has called for calm after the first..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - ICU admissions drop by 4 per cent: Spain Covid update Jan 16
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Covid incidence in Spain has also remained at its pre-Christmas..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia hospitals stretched to breaking point
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Emergency rooms have seen an influx of patients with respiratory..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospital admissions in the Region skyrocket: Murcia Covid update Jan 10
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The number of patients hospitalised in the Region has shot..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - New Kraken variant causes concern in Spain: Covid update Jan 9
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The strain has already been detected in more than 25 countries..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia-Madrid AVE train delayed by passenger who refused to wear facemask
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - It is still compulsory by law to wear a facemask on trains..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Daily infections drop but hospitalisations increase: Murcia Covid update Jan 3
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - There are currently only two people being treated in intensive..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence falls 19 points over New Year: Spain pandemic update January 3
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Daily infections in Spain have also dropped by more than..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain imposes Covid travel restrictions on visitors from China
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Travellers arriving in Spain from China will need a Covid..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid deaths creep up over Christmas: Murcia pandemic update Dec 27
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The Region of Murcia has registered 10 Covid-related fatalities..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid admissions fall for second consecutive week: Spain pandemic update Dec 27
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Hospitalisations across Spain have dropped by 7.58% while..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Significant Covid drop for Christmas week: Murcia pandemic update Dec 20
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Hospital pressure in the Murcia Region has taken yet another..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain to destroy 14 million Covid jabs as vaccinations slow down
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - To date, 93% of the population in Spain has been double..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid still the leading cause of death in 2022: Spain pandemic update Dec 20
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Almost 117,000 people have been killed by coronavirus in..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospital pressure shoots up: Murcia Covid update Dec 13
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Hospitalisations in the Murcia Region aren’t translating..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Health experts warn Spain is facing a tripledemic: Covid update Dec 12
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Hospitalisations and intensive care admissions have sprung..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Walk-in Covid-flu vax centre reopens in Benidorm ahead of Christmas gatherings
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Vaccinations without appointment are also being offered..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid hospitalisations increase by 2 per cent: Spain pandemic update Dec 5
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Intensive care admissions have increased by 6% in Spain..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Pandemic data stabilises: Murcia Covid update November 29
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Hospital pressure has eased off in the Murcia Region this..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospitalisations remain stable but ICU admissions increase: Spain Covid update Nov 28
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Intensive care admissions have increased by 6% in the last..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia incidence dips well below Spanish average: Covid update Nov 22
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The cumulative incidence rate in the Region of Murcia has..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hellhound variant: the new Covid strain that is sweeping across Spain
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The highly contagious coronavirus variant is expected to..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Andalusia gives out more flu shots than Covid boosters in 2022
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - More than 1 million people have been vaccinated against..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Infections climb but hospitalisations drop: Murcia Covid update October 25
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Murcia bucks the Spanish trend and reduces its coronavirus..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid infections skyrocket: Spain pandemic update October 25
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The coronavirus incidence in Spain has more than doubled..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Fourth Covid jab to be offered to 60-64 years olds in Andalusia from October 24
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Hospitalisations across Spain have increased by 21% in the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain finally scraps Covid entry requirements for non-EU citizens
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Travellers from the UK will no longer have to present a..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - New Covid variant arrives in Spain: here are the symptoms to look out for
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The BQ.1 Omicron variant is tipped to become the dominant..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospital admissions shoot up: Murcia Covid update October 18
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The number of patients being treated in ICUs in the Region..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Joint Covid-flu vaccine campaign finally underway in Alicante province
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The health authorities in Alicante began offering joint..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Eighth Covid wave approaches: Spain pandemic update October 18
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Hospitalisations across Spain have increased by 21% in the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospital pressure stabilises in the Region: Murcia Covid update October 10
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Admissions to hospital and the ICUs in the Region of Murcia..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain ditches failed Radar Covid app
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The app only managed to diagnose 1% of all Covid cases in..

Covid certificates issued in Murcia prior to October 2 must now be renewed
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - The certs will lose their validity if not updated before..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Health experts warn of Covid rebound: Spain pandemic update October 10
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Several of the coronavirus indicators have increased in Spain..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Alicante refuses to bring forward joint flu-Covid vaccination date
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The health authorities in Alicante will begin offering both..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Flu and Covid vaccination campaign begins in Mazarron
ARCHIVED ARTICLE People will be able to make an appointment for either or..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Hospitalisations stabilise as incidence continues to climb: Spain Covid update October 5
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Covid incidence in Spain is 25 points higher than in mid-..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence soars past national average: Murcia pandemic update October 4
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The 14-day cumulative rate in the Murcia Region has now..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - What Covid paperwork do you still need to enter Spain? The end of the SpTH form for all travellers
ARCHIVED ARTICLE - Passengers arriving in Spain from the UK don’t need to..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence grows but hospitalisations remain steady: Spain pandemic update October 3
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Hospitals and intensive care units in Spain are both well..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - ICUs start to empty: Murcia Covid update September 30
ARCHIVED ARTICLE There are currently only four critically ill patients..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain Covid update September 28: another sharp increase in incidence rate
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The average incidence among older people in Spain has risen..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Vaccination campaign stung by uptick in Covid cases: Murcia update September 27
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Both the 7- and 14-day incidence figures have jumped up in..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Rollout of fourth dose of Covid vaccine begins in Valencia Region: who gets the jab first?
ARCHIVED ARTICLE More than 1.6 million people in Alicante province and the..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia begins flu vaccine and Covid booster jab campaigns
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Over-60s and under-5s are recommended to get vaccinated against..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid incidence jumps 6 points: Spain pandemic update September 26
ARCHIVED ARTICLE On a positive note, hospitalisations across Spain have dropped..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia will offer joint flu and Covid jabs to over-60s
ARCHIVED ARTICLE Health authorities in the Region are worried that flu will..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Spain recommends getting flu and Covid jab together if possible
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The fourth coronavirus vaccine will be rolled out in Spain..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Murcia differentiates between patients hospitalised for and with Covid: pandemic update September 22
ARCHIVED ARTICLE There are currently 92 Covid-positive patients hospitalised..

<span style='color:#780948'>ARCHIVED</span> - Covid or flu: new antigen tests in Spanish pharmacies can tell the difference
ARCHIVED ARTICLE The combined antigen tests can be purchased in pharmacies..